Mercury Sweeps Rouen!

A Mercury S3000 race outboard powers Team Pegase-Humanis to win Rouen.

The 49th annual 24 Hours of Rouen endurance powerboat race concluded 4 p.m. Rouen, France time Monday, May 28. This year, Mercury dominated the event — powering the top nine finishers: Mercury powered the top five in Class 3 (mostly Mercury S3000 race engines with a sprinkling of Evinrudes). Merc owned all of Class 2 (OptiMax 200XS SST or SST 120 power). The fourstroke Mercury’s swept the top four in Class 1 competition (Mercury, Honda and Yamaha brands).

The international all-female entry Olympic Team Rouennais finished a respectable 4th in Class 2 -- just a few laps short of the podium.

Rouen 2012 was historic on many fronts:

1) This was the first time in recent history the race start date was changed from April 30. It was the second consecutive year the race was not run continuously for 24 hours. This year the race was stretched out to three days, with six hours of racing on Saturday, May 26; 12 hours of racing on Sunday, May 27; and the final six hours run on Monday, May 28. Racing began 3:30 p.m. local time Saturday, May 26 and ran until 9:30 p.m. Racing convened at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, May 27 and ran until 9:30 p.m. Racing convened again 10:00 a.m. Monday with a 4 pm finish.

2) This year also marked the first time in history an International All-Female team (Olympic Team Rouennais #24) competed in the event.

3) 2012 was the first time a Mercury fourstroke won Class 1 which has historically favored 2-stroke Yamahas.

Class 3 and Top Five 

Team Pegase is always a strong competitor in Rouen.
Team Pegase completed 730 laps to win Class 3 and the race overall.

Team Pegase Humanis #8, a Mercury S3000 race outboard-powered Moore hull won the race overall and Class 3 competition. Drivers Christophe Boyard, Xavier Savin and R. Avenel completed 730 laps, 30 laps ahead of Drakkar #2. Force Inshore #18, Neptune Inshore #14, and Tech Motor Racing-Matm #16 rounded out the top five overall and in Class 3 competition. All were powered by Mercury S3000 race outboards.

Class 2 Sweep

Dailly Inshore Passion #36 captured their second consecutive Class 2 victory.
Mercury swept 1-9 and powered 15 out of the 19 boats that endured the three day event.

Reigning Class 2 champion Team Dailly Inshore Passion #36 completed 593 laps, one ahead of Neptune Inshore #34 to capture their second consecutive Class 2 victory and a respectable sixth place overall. Dailly Inshore Passion #35, Olympic Team Rouennais #24 and Marine Inshore #28 rounded out the top four in Class 2 and 6-9th place overall with Mercury OptiMax power. All finished ahead of the Class 3 competitor RBI #3 (1oth overall) featuring a larger, more powerful Evinrude race outboard.

Marine Inshore #28Team Privilege #25One Team Family #30 and Navikart #32 rounded out 5-8 in Class 2 competition.  all were powered by Mercury OptiMax 200XS SST or SST 120 race outboards.

1st Class FourStroke

Vallee de Seine #77 on its way to a historic Class 1 victory.

In Class 1, Mercury 60 EFI Formula Race outboards have competed in Rouen for some time. Last year it powered Team Vallee de Seine #77 to a second place podium finish.  This year, Vallee de Seine drivers Oli Letellier, Jer Amedee and Thomas Cleret completed 412 laps to capture the checkered flag and place Mercury in the record books as the first Mercury fourstroke outboard to win Class 1. VSI #50, Team Magaur #48 and DKV #70 round out a 2-4 in Class 1 competition. All were powered by Mercury 60 EFI FormulaRace outboards.

Rouen racing back in the glory days. This was in 2000 when OptiMax made history by being the first low-emissions engine to win Rouen.
Canadian driver Tammy Wolf and her female OTR teammates finished 9th overall.

We are very proud of all competitors. Congratulations to Pegase-Humanis for winning overall and Class 3. Kudos to Dailly Inshore for their second consecutive Class 2 victory. It is difficult to win anything consecutively. To repeat anything in Rouen is special. The ladies of Team OTR did us proud. Now that you have your feet wet, I’m sure you will return for the 50th with a vengeance.  Marit, I’m sorry you didn’t have a chance to show your stuff on the River Seine. Please keep the women on their toes and return for another run in 2013.  Thank you Oli, Jer, Thomas and the entire Vallee de Seine #77  team for your Class 1 victory and writing a new chapter for fourstrokes in your highly competitive class.

It’s hard to believe Rouen turns 50 next year. It would be wonderful to celebrate it’s golden anniversary by racing a continuous 24 hours. Just like the good ol’ days.














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8 thoughts on “Mercury Sweeps Rouen!”

  1. I agree with your request about going back to the 24 Hour format of old, lets’ hope the French authorities grant the race organisers the permission needed. Rick, seeing that it’s the 50th running will you be coming across the pond to watch next years race? Good to see that shot from 2000 again.

    1. I would love to get back to Rouen some time, Chris. I have been there to cover the race on three occasions. It is an experience I will never forget.

  2. Hello to all the team of Mercury Racing. I am a pilot of boat No. 36 that won the 24 Hours of Rouen this year and last. I also piloted the boat Quicksilver team a few years ago. I wonder if there is a telemetry system in order to know the engine information live from the paddock?

    Thank You.

    1. Congratulations Moinele on Team Dailly’s back-to-back Rouen Class 2 victories! Thanks for waving the checkered flags on our behalf. We don’t know of anyone using telemetry in tunnel boats, though it is used in some offshore racing.

      1. Thank you for your response Rick,
        I am very proud to wear the colors at the highest of Mercury!
        I leave tomorrow for 8 hours Augustow in Poland this weekend, the last round of the World Endurance!
        Do you know what system he uses offshore?
        I know that when you had come to Rouen in 2002, you develop the telemetry on OptiMax, this may be advanced for 10 years!
        Sorry but my English is very bad!

        1. Congratulations on Rouen, Moinele! Go get ’em in Augustow!

          For the record, Mercury Racing did not have telemetry at the 2002 Rouen event. Rick and I were doing live hourly race updates for race fans on our computers. Our computer presence fueled false rumors that we were changing the PCMs real time. We joked that, at the rumored power-up rate, the Mercury OptiMax boats (X-0 and X-1) would be making over 600 hp by dawn.

          If we learn of any good telemetry systems suitable to F-2, we will let you know.

          And your English is good – much better than my French.

          1. Ok! Thank you Rick and Fred,
            I will study this matter. In Poland. We already do a test video embedded telemetry, GPS and Live!
            I’ll keep you informed of developments!

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