Mercury Racing Releases new 300-HP CNC Cleaver Propeller

An outboard as exciting as the Mercury Racing 300R deserves its own propeller and Mercury Racing has just delivered. The new surface-piercing Mercury Racing 300HP 5-Blade CNC Cleaver propeller is designed expressly to maximize the performance of the Mercury Racing 300R. Its proprietary blade profile delivers stronger acceleration and more top-end speed than the Mercury Racing 400HP CNC Cleaver prop when run on the Mercury Racing 300R outboard. This new prop will also improve the performance of the legacy Mercury Racing 300XS and 300X outboard models.

“While mainly aimed at twin-outboard catamaran applications, this new propeller design will also take single-engine, padded-vee bottom and tunnel boats to a new level of performance,” said Steve Miller, Mercury Racing director of marketing, sales, and service. “There’s no room for error when driving these high-performance boats and that’s the approach we take when building propellers.”

The state-of-the-art CNC machining process offers unparalleled benefits compared to standard cast propellers. Pitch, diameter, and rake are perfectly true on every Mercury Racing CNC propeller to ensure that lift, handling, and speed characteristics are absolutely consistent. Designed to make the most of the Sport Master gearcase and elevated engine heights, the 300HP 5-Blade Cleaver prop dramatically reduces slip percentages in outboard Sport Master applications, averaging 4.5 percent at WOT.

Thousands of pitch, rake and diameter combinations are available to dial in the maximum performance of almost any boat. Each CNC Cleaver propeller is custom made to order. Diameter range is 14.5 to 15.5 inches, pitch range is 26 to 40 inches in one-inch increments, with a choice of 15-degree or 18-degree rake.

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8 thoughts on “Mercury Racing Releases new 300-HP CNC Cleaver Propeller”

    1. Sandy,

      Final pricing will be up to the dealer you purchase the propeller through. List price is $6,058.14


    1. Dewey,

      The new 60R will utilize the new Spitfire XP. For ultra light and fast applications, you can run the lightning ET on the 60R.


  1. Pitch for pitch how do these stack up against the rev4 xp and the max 5’s? thoughts on how they would run on the new 5.44 offshore case (not sporty)? will you make shorter than a 26″ wheel?

    1. Ryan,

      The Rev 4 XP is still the industry standard for the HD gear case on high horsepower outboards. Between the low speed thrust (dock manners), hole shot, cruise efficiency, and top end speed, it is hard to beat them. We have not had very much luck with 5 blade props submerged on the HD gear case, they offer too much stern lift.


  2. I have a Spectre 30 w/3 2.5 drag motors. Gear cases are early 1.87 sportmasters w/3 blade 15 x 32 Merc lab finish props. Top speed on fresh water is 121 on GPS @ 8250 rpm. Question is how well will the new 5 blades work on this combination and, if good, should I stay with the 15 x 32’s?

    1. David,

      We typically do not recommend running 5 blade props on the older Sport Masters. With the increased blade area and 5th blade, it is a lot of torque on the case and could potentially lead to a failure. We do however produce the Bravo I OC for your application.


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