Memorial Day – A Time to Reflect and Appreciate

A patriotic photo from our 1999 Mercury Racing sterndrive catalog.

Happy Memorial Day! The U.S. holiday brings with it a flood of emotions. First and foremost, it is a time to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

The holiday also marks the start of summer. And this year – God knows – summer can’t come soon enough. In Wisconsin – we can whine and cry about our wet, cold Spring or what seems more like the Winter that won’t end. But, with the exception of a few areas, we have escaped unscathed compared to the destruction experienced in the South, the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, New Zealand floods, and other areas affected by mother nature. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by recent storms and natural disasters.

I love summer. I think most people do. Believe it or not – I don’t currently own a boat. But the combination of a VERY long Winter and cold, wet Spring has me yearning to get on the water. I look forward to taking my seven year old son fishing, swimming, tubing, and just enjoy our time on the water. Spending time with my son brings fond memories of myself growing up in Michigan and spending the summers at our family cottage on Lake Superior. I look forward to warmer weather and enjoying outdoor fun with friends and family. I’m sure you are as well.

Be safe and have fun out on the water!

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One thought on “Memorial Day – A Time to Reflect and Appreciate”

  1. This is also a great time to demonstrate your appreciation to a vet. Too often, veterans hear no words of appreciation – let alone receive any form of perquisite.

    Since my other passion is sports cars — and our local Porsche Club hosted veterans at Road America — my wife, myself and a host of other PCA members loaded vets in our cars and showed them the racing line. Made our day and theirs!

    Do whatever you can to say thank you to a vet. Buy one lunch at an airport. Take one (or several) for a boat ride. Or just shake a hand and say, “thanks!” We can’t do that too often. Our way of life depends upon their sacrifice.

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