MAX5 Street Party!

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A scene from the 2015 Desert Storm Poker Run Street Party. Our Mercury Racing Experience truck has a fresh look. Official Mercury Racing merchandise is available for purchase as well!
The 2016 Mercury Racing Desert Storm event Tee and a variety of official Mercury Racing Merchandise is available for purchase at the Mercury Racing Experience truck.

It’s party time! The Mercury Racing Experience truck is front and center at the Desert Storm Poker Run Street Party. Our temporary address is easy to remember…1550 McCulloch Boulevard! 🙂 We are excited to once again be a part of the largest performance boat gathering West of the Mississippi.

MercuryRacing_Max5_Logo_LABELPerformance prop  guru Scott Reichow is on site to talk props and reveal our latest wheel, The Lab Finished MAX5.

Satisfy Your Drive 

Performance boat builders and dealers are finding the Sport Master gearcase enables them to achieve significantly higher boat speeds by allowing Verado 400R outboards to run at higher transom heights than models fitted with a production style case. To date, maximizing efficiency of the surfacing, low water pickup gear housing had only been limited by propeller slip.  Customers have been eager to find a solution to take full advantage of the Sport Master’s capabilities.

Max_5_600x600_Clear Background
The 15-inch diameter MAX5 is offered in a pitch range of 23 to 34 inches in one-half inch increments.

The custom five blade MAX5, developed and hand-crafted by the Mercury Racing Propeller Lab, is custom designed for single and multiple Verado 400R Sport Master applications.  The Lab Finished prop provides a measurable reduction in propeller slip, (up to a staggering 12% in some applications). In fact, MAX5 props were the thrust behind Nor-Tech Powerboats’ milestone center console performance run, clocking repeatable 101 MPH top-end speeds from their quad Verado 400R powered 39-foot hull.

MAX5s were the thrust behind Nor-Tech's milestone 101 mph performance out iif this quad 400R outboard powered 39 foot center console.
MAX5s were the thrust behind Nor-Tech’s milestone 101 mph performance out iif this quad 400R outboard powered 39 foot center console. Photo credit:

The 15-inch diameter prop is offered in a pitch range of 23 to 34 inches in one-half inch increments. The one-half inch pitch offerings enable engines to be dialed-in to their maximum rpm operating range for enhanced throttle response, optimized cruise fuel efficiency and top speed. The stainless steel prop features the Mercury patented Performance Vent System® (PVS). PVS® enables the user to fine-tune the amount of venting needed for quick planing. MSRP is $2048.61.

Come See for a FREE Tee!

Here's your chance to win a FREE Mercury Racing Tee! The MAX5 Satisfy Your Drive promotion starts a 2 p.m. Quantities are limited.
Here’s your chance to win a FREE Mercury Racing Tee! The MAX5 Satisfy Your Drive promotion starts a 2 p.m. Quantities are limited.

We are so pumped about the new prop that we even had a custom promotional T-shirt made.  We got a bit carried away with that and well – have a few to give away. Quantities are limited.  The MAX5 Satisfy Your Drive promotion begins at 2 p.m. Stop by the Mercury Racing Experience truck for details. 


Steel Wheels Tour 2016

Official Steel Wheels 2016 Tour shirt.
Official Steel Wheels 2016 Tour shirt.
We're excited to show off our updated Experience Tour truck featuring the Fastest TV on the planet!
We’re excited to show off our updated Experience Tour truck featuring the fastest TV on the planet!

Desert Storm is the opening stop on our 2016 Mercury Racing Experience truck tour. The truck interior got a complete makeover during the long Wisconsin winter. We’re excited to have you stop by and check it out.  We have additional display updates in the works. It will be a show stopper for sure!:)

See you in the Desert. We’ll leave the lights on! 🙂


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64 thoughts on “MAX5 Street Party!”

  1. Hi Rick
    Could you expand on what the design and application differences are between the max 5, Maximus, and the high 5 props?
    Could you also comment on what types of engine/hull combos are likely to see a benefit from the 5 blade props as opposed to the 4 blade props?

    1. James,
      I think we covered this via the phone but I thought I would share for the benefit of the group. The MAX5 is nothing like the HighFive. The MAX5 has an enhanced rake (carries the boat better), a larger diameter (allows for running the engine at elevated transom heights which reduced drag for enhanced efficiency and speed) more blade area (increased fuel economy in the mid-range and faster top speeds). The MAX5 was designed as an alternative to the Bravo I 4 blade for both outboards and sterndrives up to 600 HP. Applications includes outboard center consoles, twin outboard catamarans, single Verado 400R outboard with Sport Master gearcase applications, twin outboard sport boats, single and twin engine Bravo One or Bravo One XR Sport Master/Sport DWP drive applications.

  2. I was wondering if I could purchase a steel wheels T-shirt or a max-5 T-Shirt as I am not able to make it to desert storm this year. If someone could email me back at the email address above it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You for your time..

    1. Hi Brad:

      I’m checking with our vendor regarding your question. I’ve provided them with your e-mail address. They will be contacting you directly.


  3. I’m currently using a bravo xs 28 in a Verado 400R … which step recomedaria me of max5 … Verado 400R Bass boat 21 feet
    with the bravo 28 top speed of 92 mph at 7000 rpm

    1. Elias,
      You’re generating some impressive numbers with the 28 Bravo I XS. If interested in the MAX 5 consider running the 27” pitch. Adjust you engine height accordingly.

      1. And as I am using a bravo 1 xs 28 … that step you recommend me the max5 …
        and the hole shot you think you will get better with max5 as compared to bravo 1 xs

        1. Elias,
          The MAX5 is an awesome prop for the right set up. if that set up is incurring high slip like 18% or higher. Typically slip increases with a step hull or when running an elevated Sport Master gearcase. Tell me what’s your boat and motor you’re running with WOT rpm and speed and I can tell you more about how the MAX 5 would perform.

          1. Good night … I know a little crazy, but I’m using a Nitro Z8 with a Verado 400R …


    1. Carl,
      The Max 5 props were designed for the 400R equipped with the larger Sport Master gearcase. I would pass on them for your 28 Skater.

  5. Scott have a 2014 triton trx bass boat I was trying to get more speed bought 25 pitch pro max , only getting about 67 to 70 mph wot with 250 pro xs 5700 rpm. Can you help.thought of upgrading to a 250 or 300 xs.?????

  6. Hi Scott,

    Any experience with the max 5 on a single engine straight v bottom (no steps) with relatively high prop shaft height? I’m running a bravo 1 non labbed at 4.25″ below the bottom with a 12″ extension box. The bravo does good now at about 9-10% slip but I would like to be able to put a Sportmaster lower on to raise the propshaft another 2″ which I where I would feel I’d need a 5 blade. The only thing I would fear is too much stern lift which could result in a chine walk at high speeds when what I need is bow and overall boat lift. Your thoughts?

    1. Torey,
      Installing a 2” Shorty Sport Master would require a 5 blade prop to reduce the amount of prop slip generated by the 4 blade. I don’t think there will be a handling issue with either the MAX5 or the short tube Lab Finished Maximus. Both have shortened exhaust tubes for minimal stern lift. The MAX5 worked well on a 29’ Fountain featuring our 565 with the dual water pickup Bravo One drive. The Lab Finished Maximus, in most cases, carries heavier boats better.

  7. Scott, I have a 20XDC Bullet, with a fresh modified Merc 260; 1.87 Sporty 1.5″ above pad with a 14″ setback.
    Haven’t ran it to WOT speed yet but it pulls a ProMax 26P 89gps at 7600rpm, loaded to fish inc. dual ProPoles. Needless to say the boat is heavy on the rear having 3 batteries, poles and pumps, oildyne trim pump, fishing gear and fuel all in the rear!
    My question is; I have several friends with similar setups who run High Fives and are getting awesome holeshots but scraping some of their top end performance in doing so. How will the Max5 perform in comparison to the ProMax and High Five?

    1. Willy,
      I’m thinking the same way. I’d like to see what the Max 5 would do on a set up like yours. I did get a chance to run it on a 520 Ranger with 250 Pro XS but it was too much prop. The MAX5 5 was designed to run up near the surface with the 400R Sport Master so it just might work for your 260 Sport Master. Plan to drop down to the 24” pitch Max 5 to achieve similar rpm as the 26” Pro Max.

      1. Thanks for the reply Scott!
        I was even thinking of maybe a 22″ as I’m more interested in Low and Mid performance, up to around 80-85mph, instead of absolute top end speed. You know that 70 year old men ain’t pose to be runnin 100 anyway! lol

  8. Scott, I have a 20XDC with an 05′ 300X and a sportsmaster. I’m running both a 29 pitch bravo 1xs that runs very well and a worked hydromotive 27pitch that runs well also. I was curious if this prop would handle, accelerate and come out of the hole decent on my rig. Im running a 1.62 gear ratio. I wish i had numbers for you but 95mph 2 people full tank and all our gear is all ive ran it up to and i wasn’t looking down at rpms….lol any thoughts on how it would work on my rig.

    1. Chris,
      Your rig is running fantastic. The 5-blade Max 5 is just too much prop for your set up. You’d have to run a 27” pitch to achieve similar rpm to the 29” pitch Bravo I. Running the lower pitch would drop your speed substantially.

  9. Hello.
    I’m running a 24 4 blade bravo 1 behind a 2000 502 mpi 415hp. Bravo outdrive with low water pickup only. Boat is a 26′ commander cat. single step hull. The center sponson is deep and has a good V. Boat runs good about 73 @5000rpm(rev limiter). It porpuses at top speed what I have read it can be caused by the diffuser ring. Takes off good but it does have planning or trim tabs in the tunnels. My major problem is my cruising speed. The boat doesn’t pack good air until about 50 and that is about 4000-4500rpm. Depending on how many ppl are in the boat. Looking for a better cruising speed was going to buy a 26 4 blade to try or Maby the new 24-26 max or even the Maximus. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Charles

    1. Charles,
      I like the idea of the 24 inch pitch Max 5. The 24 should lower the rpm just off the rev-limiter offering incredible mid-range cruise. Top-end is going to be close to the Bravo I. Please contact Bob Teague from Teague Custom Marine in California to get his opinion about the Max 5 on your Commander.

  10. Scott– I have just purchased a 2017 32′ yellowfin –The boat came with the 3 blade prop on twin 400s.–
    (I max out at 60- 62MPH on my GPS) – What will be my advantage to the 5 Blade prop on that boat with the stepped hull and will it hurt at trolling speed 7-9 mph

    1. Pete,
      What 3 blade prop and pitch are you running? What rpm are you hitting at 60-62 mph? You might be better with the Rev 4 XP or Bravo I FS. The Max 5 may be too much prop.

  11. I am the designer and owner of I have two of Skipper NC100s (33ft) with 2x400R/Sport master installed in 660mm distance. I have Bravo 1 fs 26picth, reaching 82 miles in 6950RPM. The cones of drives are 2cm lower of the hull, because I need bow lifting and with bravo props I cannot reach it in higher level. I want max5 props because I think that I will install engines in higher level (2holes above) with the trim and bow lifting I need. Please let me know what pitch I need. Looking forward for your reply. Thanks in advance.

    1. Alex,
      If you kept the same gearcase height, drop 2” to the 24” Max 5 but raising the engines will increase rpm so you may end up in the 26” to 27” pitch range.

  12. how much larger in terms of RPM drop does the max 5 run vs a equal stamping pitch bravo1, I can swing a 24 bravo 1 at 5950 at 20ish % slip 63.5 mph) but a 15 1/18 23 pitch Solas Scorpion runs about 8% at 68.5 mph at 5600 rpm on a 250 Pro XS with a torquemaster, currently I can go up higher with the engine and I gain RPM but no additional speed in about 3/4″ I lose bow lift ability but there is a 3/4″ zone of no loss of water pressure no bow drop and no speed increases just added slip, would the 5 blade be viable to allow this dead spot to actually gain mph or is the 5 bl still to much prop in the 23″ size even though it isn’t exactly designed for this style of gear case or engine per se?

    1. Alanna,
      Plan for 2” pitch drop from the Bravo I FS and the standard Bravo I plan for 3.5” pitch drop. The other prop’s 300 rpm engine drop appears it’s a taller pitch than it’s labeled. It’s like running a 26” pitch standard Bravo I which would drop the engine rpm down from 5950 to 5650. Many boats require the gearcase lower in the water to generate bow lift. The water flowing into the gearcase creates bow lift by applying pressure to the top area of the bullet. If the bullet area is too high, no bow lift is generated and the prop become ineffective. Adding blades to compensate for the added slip works but that doesn’t necessarily offer greater speeds if the style of boat requires bow lift to perform. For surfacing applications, the Sport Master gearcase would be preferred because of the low water pick up and larger skeg for high speed stability. Have fun with your rig.

  13. Sir, I have a 2013 Formula Fastech 292. I have a pair of 377-320 hp engines, Bravo 1 outdrives with a gear ratio of 1.65. I’m turning a pair of Bravo One 28 pitch, four bladed props that came with the boat. At WOT I’m at 5000 rpms going 60 mph on gps. With high prop slippage and the lack of speed , are there any other prop options

    1. David,
      I like the idea of running the Max 5 props on your rig to knock the slip down. The Lab Finished Maximus would have too much blade area for the engines. Look at running 26″ pitch Max 5. You should see the slip come down to 12 to 14%; increasing top speed by 3.5 to 5 mph. Give Teague Marine a call. They have them in stock.
      Enjoy these wheels!

  14. Hi!
    I hope you are well 🙂

    I have a Phantom 25 feet offshore hull made in 1985. I had several engines, incl Johnson GT 3.6 V8 300 Offshore, Promax 300X, 2 x Merc 2.5 EFI SS, Verado 350 sci and now a brand new 400R.

    Top speed with the Verado 300Sci last summer after strengthened the foredeck was 80,3-81 mph at 6,550 rpms. HD gearcase. REV4 25 pitch, thinned, cupped and 1,5 inch shorter tube. Propshaft approx 2,5 inches below the bottom. The boat needed a little positive trim to free up

    The boat is a classic straight hull. I have added a 8 inch notch last year. I use a 5,5 inch Gorilla Jackplate. So a Sportmaster gearcase is an experiment for this hull.

    The best speed so far after one week with the 400R is 86 mph at 7,040 rpms. If positive trim, the boat slows down. so it has to be run neutral (max 2 degrees positive trim). Best propshaft height is 0,75 above the bottom. Lower, the speed drops. Higher, the slip increases. However, I need chop to get it running, and I am wondering if Max5 could be good choice. REV5 does not like to be run too high.

    I have lost 3 mph at cruise speed as the jackplate needed to be raised 1,5 inches to allow me to drive the engine high enough without pushing the jackplate too high.

    So in an ideal world I would like my cruise speed to increase 2 mph and top speed to be more consistent.

    What do you think?

    Kind regards, Toffen-Norway

    1. Toffen,
      The Max 5 was designed to run with the 400R Sport Master gearcase; it allows for raising the engine higher than the .75”. It’s hard to say the pitch, at the current height maybe 23” pitch and elevated you could expect to increase to 25” pitch.
      All the best,

  15. Scott,I have 2003 27 Fountain with a 2008 525efi stepped haul and bravo xr drive,turning a 15.5×25 Rh 4bl Hydromotive Quad4.Iam new to all this,an i dont think this combo is right for this boat?Hard out of hole bow way up,when it get to begins to be on top of the water it will blow the prop if im not fast on the throttle speed 70,hard to cruise at 3000 rpms.mabe its not designed to run that slow.Thanks for any help here.Tom

    1. Thomas,
      The 5-blades would offer better performance, enabling the boat to plane faster, stay on plane at slower speeds and increase top speed as well. Give Bob Teague (Teague Custom Marine) a call @ 661-295-7000. He has the Max 5 in stock and can help you determine the pitch you need.

  16. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your help.

    I will order a lab finish Max5 25 pitch in a couple of weeks. Do you think its an idea to order it with a shortened tube if possible to reduce stern lift?

    The boat runs very flat, and need bowlift. My plan is to have the propshaft 1 inch-1,25 inch above the bottom. Goal is 87-88 mph for the ol lady Phantom 🙂

    Thanks !

    Cheeers, Toffen, Norway

    1. Toffen,
      The Max 5 already has a shortened tube for settling the stern. This allows for more bow lift. Run the prop first and see how it performs before considering reducing the tube length further.

  17. Would like your opinion on your best suggestion for a prop for a Skeeter fx 21′ bass boat with a 250 SHO. Presently wot is 6000 at a speed of 68 loaded. Will the bravos or this 5 blade help?

    1. John,
      The 4-blade Bravo I FS would offer better performance over the 5-blade. What ever pitch you’re running today – step up one inch of pitch and be sure to raise the engine at least.5″ to maybe 1″. The 4-blade carry’s the load – lifting the entire boat (more bow than stern) offering great performance.

  18. Scott,
    Thanks for responding!! The sho presently comes with a 15.25 x 25 three blade. Boat is about 3600lb. loaded(fuel, passengers, live wells full, 2 power poles, 4 batteries). What distance from hull to center prop shaft would you suggest to start with since I am running a 12″ setback, not hydraulic plate? I am actually representing several dealers, and will probably purchase half a dozen if I can figure what works.
    Thanks again for your assistance!!

    1. John,
      Consider the 26.5″ pitch Bravo I FS; part # 8M0128334. I think you can move up more than 1″ because of the large diameter 3-blade. Start out at your current engine height and raise it in 0.5″ increments to see what offers the best performance.

  19. Scott,

    Have a 2007 model 28′ Nordic Heat with a stock 496 HO. Has a 26 Bravo 1 four blade on it now. Just looking for a little better performance and was thinking about trying the Max5 prop. Even if my top end is similar if it planes faster and cruises at lower RPM (vs the four blade) I would be pretty content with the purchase. Was probably going a step down to a 25P in the five blade….some folks say the boat might pick up everywhere including the top end with my particular hull??

    Look forward to your opinion on this and whether you think its a good move…..standard Bravo out-drive btw….not the XR version if that makes a difference.Thanks for your time

    1. Tony,
      I like the idea of running the 25″ pitch Max 5. Give Bob Teague a call @ 661-295-7000 to get his opinion. Bob has been converting many Bravo I 4-blade customers to the Max 5. He has them in stock.

    1. Chris,
      I think the prop will offer too much added stern lift. You will have to drop down in pitch to get similar rpm to a Bravo XS or Pro Max.

  20. Hi!

    Here are an update about the Phantom 25 with the Max 5 25 pitch prop.

    Previously top speed was 85,5-86 (on a very good day) with a lab REV4 25 prop. Cruise speed approx 47-48 mph at 4,000 rpms. 62 mph at fast cruise 5,000 rpms. Propshaft 0,75 inches above. In all 12 inches setback incl notch of 8 inches and jackplate 4 inches.

    With the Max 5 25 I managed 86,3 mph out of the box at 6,820 rpms. We played with the engine height, and managed first 87,3 mph at 1,75 inches above the bottom at 7,000 rpms. Then 87,7 mph at 2 inches above the bottom at 7,020 rpms in crosswind. In better conditions today, we managed several 88,6-88,8 mph runs- and a best speed of 89 mph at 7,060 rpms. Propshaft 2 inches above the bottom.

    The question is if its worthwhile to add 0,5 inches pitch to the Max5 to get the max out of the combination. Is the limiter kickin in at 7,060 rpms?

    What do you think?

    Cheeers, Toffen

    1. Toffen,
      Glad to hear you’re having success with the Max5! Yes you are hitting the limiter at 7,060 rpms. I think you are right on the money in considering a 25.5 pitch Max5. With the 400, you want to be right at 7000 rpm for peak power.


      1. Thanks !

        Does Mercury Racing provide service to add 0,5 inch pitch to my Max5 25? We have some propeller workshops here in Norway, but I would prefer Mercury Racing as I then will know that everything will be ok.

        Cheeers, Toffen

        1. Any time Toffen,

          Unfortunately we do not add pitch to props after they leave the shop. In some cases we can reduce pitch by taking away cup height but it’s not possible to add it back for you. For all propeller modifications we recommend Frank and Jimmie’s Propeller in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Their number is 800-228-6077 and they are great to work with.


          1. Hey,

            Sorry for all these questions

            Do you think a 5blade CNC cleaver will work on this set up based on how it runs with the Max5? The boat needs a little positive trim to free up, but not much with the sportmaster.

            Max5 25 top speed 89 mph at 7,060 rpms. Propshaft 2 inches above the bottom. 12 inches setback incl noth.

            Thinking of 26 CNC cleaver. Maybe 15 inch diameter as Max5 and the one with tallest rake.

            The problem in Norway is that you need to buy to try

            Cheeers, Toffen

          2. Toffen,

            Always happy to answer your questions, it sounds like your Phantom is getting dialed in! At 89 mph you are getting a very impressive 6.8% slip. The Max5 and the CNC do run equal in terms of pitch, so I think you are right in considering a 26 pitch CNC to get you off of the rev limiter. If you can swing the 26 up to 7000 rpm, you will see around 94 mph, thanks to the CNC having about 4.5% slip. If the 26 drops you down to 6900 rpm, expect to be going 92 mph. As for rake, it is a bit tricky. We have had some luck with V-bottoms running 15 degree rake to keep the ride flat at top speeds, but I can’t say for sure with your set up. Thank you for the great information!


  21. Hi! Can you explain the main difference between a maximus 5 blade vs the New Max 5? I looking to change from a 4 to a 5 blade in a 26 Daytona. Thanks

    1. Gabe,
      The MAX5 starts from the same casting as the Maximus, and is then cut down, making the blade geometry quite a bit different. Typically, the Maximus is used when more lift is needed and engine heights are very high. What are you running for power? Our Lab Finish Bravo I tends to be a very fast propeller on Eliminators, but you may consider trying a 15.25″ diameter Short Tube Maximus. I would like to point you towards Bob Teague as he has a lot of experience with setting up Eliminators. Give them a ring at 661-295-7000.


  22. Hi Nick 🙂

    Thanks for all help.

    The Phantom is an old offshore race hull made between 70-90 ties. Mine is from 1984. It runs very flat, but dry. Normally with TM gearcases (I owned Promax 300X), the best prop been Tempest A45 25 pitch running 6100 rpms at 76 mph. On my Verado 350 Sci the REV4 25 was the overall best prop, running 81 mph at 6,550 rpms. Both set ups with the propshaft approx 2,5 inches below. So the 400R is a different animal indeed.

    As we see it with the Max5 we need a little positive trim to free it up. So maybe a higher rake would be the trick.

    Great fun this. Potentially a speed increase of 17 mph with 100 hp…

    Cheeers, Toffen

  23. Hello my mercury family. I have a 2001 28′ Nordic Heat step bottom with 24′ Dana tabs. Just upgraded my 500efi to 600hp. I am running a Bravo 1, 15×28. took it out to program the computer and could only run 5100 rpm at 70mph. Running a Bravo 1 x drive. . I believe it is a 1.50 ratio. Rev limiter has been set at 5900rpm,s but I seem to have to much prop to get there. According to my calculations This set up puts me at 23% prop slip. But what about my lost rpm,s. I believe I,m not getting enough bow lift for 1, and have been told a 1′ drive spacer might help. I wonder if the right 5 blade might help more. I think the boat and motor package is capable of so much more. Any advice would be helpful.
    Lake Havasu City

    1. Jeff,

      I like your thinking on switching to a 5 blade propeller. Through testing with Teague Custom Marine, we have found that the MAX5 runs very well on a 28 Nordic Heat. As for pitch, it is dependent on where your engine is making peak power after the upgrades, just because you can run it all the way out to 5900 does not mean you should for top end speed. For example, we can estimate that you can spin a 27 pitch MAX5 at 5100 RPM, with 11% slip, you will gain 7 MPH. Now lets say you run a 25 pitch MAX5 to gain 300 RPM, at 54000 you will actually end up losing 2 MPH. Feel free to give Teague a call @ 661-295-700 for both setup questions and ordering, Bob is a wealth of knowledge on setting up boats like yours.


  24. Hi Nick,

    I am running 24″ Bravo 1 FS on a new 30′ concept with twin 350 verados. no jack plates but have the motors as high as I can with full water pressure. @ 7000 (motors are flashed don’t tell) im only getting 74 mph and the props blow out anything past neutral trim. even using 23 for calculations since the Bravo runs short my slip is at 16% do you think the Max5 in 24″ would be a good fit? I ran 25″ mirage + at a lower X dim with very low slip but struggled to get on plane when I loaded the boat with a big crew. do you think I would have the same issue with the 5 blade if I went up to 25″ ?

    1. Brad,

      I think you are right in considering the Max5. With higher engine heights, the additional blade area will help keep slip numbers down. Rather than stepping up in pitch, you will want to step down, or stay at a 24 if you are hitting your 7000 rpm limiter. A Max5 will be better hooked up and you will be swinging a bigger prop, both reducing your rpm.


  25. Thanks Nick! I think I am going to give the 23″ max 5 a try. Do you think the added blade area will increase stern lift compared to the Bravo 1 FS that I am running? If so is there a way to modify them to decrease the lift?

    1. Brad,

      You will have more stern lift but the Max5 also has a lot of bow lift, like the Bravo. If you feel as though the stern of the boat is too loose (too much lift), you can have the barrel cut down.


  26. Hi. Im currently running a 2003 Eliminator Daytona tall deck 28. We recently switch over to LS3 engines (twin). Shed 1000lbs out of back. Propshaft is 1/2” above bottom of boat. Drives are level at trim 2. Have to go to trim 6-7 to get boat to pack air which is dragging imco nose cones and scrubbing big speeds. Have tested bravo 30 and P5X 30. Am I a candidate for max 5 and will these cause stern lift. Currently needing bow lift

    1. Doug,

      Are you running stock Bravos? If so, you can try trimming down the barrels to reduce stern lift. The Bravo I FS is a great bow lifting prop, and it is because we cut flare off of the barrel.

      I would give Bob Teague a call at 661-295-7000 regarding the MAX5, it will give you more lift than a Bravo but we also offer a short tube version to settle the stern. Most boats over 80 mph are benefitting both through the mid range and on top end thanks to the reduced slip of the MAX5. Bob is also the only dealer that carries them in stock.


  27. Interested in the Max5, currently have a 2014 Majek Xtreme 25+ with a 2015 400R with Sport Master 1.75 lower setback a total of 23” (6” notch + 17” Porta Bracket) spinning a Bravo One LT 15.25×22 to 6800 RPM at 65 MPH with 20% slip. This is a fairly heavy boat with trolling motor, 5 batteries, dual power poles, pumps, T-top, dual 94 qt ice chests, fuel, baitwells, gear, etc… Do you think the Max5 would be a good fit? If so, what diameter and pitch would you recommend and what kind of performance do you think I could expect? Also, is there a dealer in the San Antonio area that would work with me to demo for proper size and model?

    1. Trey,

      Unfortunately you will not find the appropirate pitch offering in the MAX5 family. Typically, you would step down in pitch when switching from a Bravo to a MAX5 due to the MAX5 reducing RPM comparitively. The MAX5 only goes down to 22.5 pitch. This is due to the fact that the MAX5 is typically only used in 85+ mph applications. That Bravo I LT is hooking up very well for you at 16% slip, I wouldnl’t change a thing.

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