Lovin’ Up Our Classic Big Block

These are some of our people who made the 565 happen.
Color optioned Super Silver valve cover caps Racing's exclusive aluminum 2-valve cylinder head.

New for the 2012 Miami International Boat Show — and enthusiastic performance boaters!

Mercury Racing has updated its core, big block sterndrive! Now, the venerable 525EFI has a digital sibling — 565!

We’ve stroked the block to 8.7 liters (or 533 cubic inches), redesigned the cylinder heads, added a second throttle body to the inlet, broadened the torque curve and increased output to 565 horsepower at 5,000-5400 rpm.


Zero Effort digital throttle: the ideal way to control this powerhouse!
Top mounted PCM, TCM and electrical connections makes installation easier.

Mercury Racing’s new 565 runs strong on 89 octane pump gas (RON+MON)/2. It employs dual throttle bodies and electronic fuel injection flowing through a new cylinder head which we designed with improved valve angles for better flow and more precise air and fuel distribution.

Managing operations is a new controller for this engine – the same Propulsion Control Module used on our 1350.

Standard: carbon fiber top cover over Raven Black and Racing Blue. As Pier 57 dealer, David Woods, likes to say, "If it's not black and blue, you will be when you try to sell."

With greater PCM capacity, we’ve employed eight individual ignition coils for optimal cylinder firing. Stacked beneath the PCM, we’ve added a transmission control module (TCM) that provides smooth, effortless shifting. This brings digital electronic throttle and shift to our 565 for smooth, “Zero Effort” operation. With the PCM/TCM upgrade, we’ve relocated electrical connections to the top, rear of the engine for ease of installation, even more reliability and easier maintenance.

Randy Birschbach tops off the coolant prior to dyno test. Every Mercury Racing engine passes dynamometer performance standards before it is allowed to ship.

To safeguard these electrical components, we’ve capped this beast with a carbon fiber top cover. The cover also brings some “eye candy” and style. It looks great in high-gloss carbon fiber finish, but can also be a canvas for customer art – complementing Racing’s Blue, or any of ten optional engine colors – for a unified boat theme.

Like its predecessor, the 565 is close cooled for quick warm-up, stable operating temperature and long engine life. We use a “5-year coolant” for corrosion resistance and less maintenance.

The 565 is matched to the proven merCruiser Bravo One XR sterndrive or an optional XR Sport Master. The 565 package has a one year limited warranty in recreational use.

There are several boats with 565s in the 2012 Miami International Boat Show:

Cigarette's 565 is prepared for shipping. (One of Rick Bowling's Gone Again 1350's is in the background.)
Rick Bales hooks up the second Nor-Tech 565 for final dyno evaluation.

At one Mercury Racing marina slip, Nor-Tech will display its new 420 Monte Carlo with our Super Silver color option. At another Racing slip, Formula’s 400 SuperSport will showcase Devil Red 565s. Both will be available for demonstration rides to qualified press and prospective buyers.

In its Convention Center booth, Cigarette will have twin, Devil Red 565s in a 38 Top Gun 90+ MPH. Mercury Racing’s and Dave’s Custom Boats‘ booths will have free-standing displays in standard Raven Black and Racing Blue colors.

As for our 525 EFI, as long as there is demand, Mercury Racing’s current 8.2 liter engine will remain in our product line. It stays to accommodate boat builders and consumers with affection for its proven durability and a preference for mechanical control.

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5 thoughts on “Lovin’ Up Our Classic Big Block”

    1. Thank you, Jason. (And David, too.) Reception for the 565 has been enthusiastic. Three boat builders have already made this their standard package.

      I spent a fair amount of time in Nor-Tech’s 42 Monte Carlo with customer demos from Sea Isle Marina. It’s perfectly matched propulsion for that platform. Most boarded smiling and left giggling. It has been a few good days!

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