Lightning E.T. Propeller – Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

We live in a world of fast-paced technological innovation; many consumer products are being replaced or updated quarterly or even monthly. Mercury Racing® embraces wide-open innovation and the concept of constant product development, but we also believe in the old axiom “don’t fix what’s not broken.” Which is why, 25 years after its introduction, the Mercury Racing Lightning E.T.® propeller remains in our product line. The Lightning E.T. is no legacy product. It is still running strong as one of the most-efficient propellers for lightweight, two-stroke outboard-powered applications.

There’s been a surging interest in outboard drag racing and for competitors running our lightweight, high-revving Mercury Racing 2.5 liter motors, the Lightning E.T. continues to dominate, offering outstanding acceleration and top-end speed performance. What makes the Lightning E.T. so efficient? Its over-the-hub design, limited blade area and ample tip cupping combine to produce a propeller that spins up quickly and stays hooked up at high engine heights. The Lightning E.T. produces natural bow lift, thus requiring less trim for maximum speed – less horsepower is used to lift the boat and more is devoted to top-end speed and acceleration. With the Flo-Torq II Delrin® Hub System, the Lightning E.T. accepts both 1.0- and 1.25-inch solid hub kits for legacy CLE, 2.5 liter Sport Master, and 3.0 liter Sport Master gear cases.

In recreational applications, the Lightning E.T. shines on river runs and performance bass, flats and modified vee bottom boats. The Lightning E.T. provides a confidence-inspiring ride for hulls that generate lift at speed, on boats from Allison to STV and everything between. The Lightning E.T. has done it for 25 years and is still leading the way. What is your favorite Lightning E.T. equipped setup?

Lightning E.T.® Specifications

  • Diameter: 14.5 inches
  • Pitch: 26-, 28-, 30- and 32-inches
  • Rotation: RH Only

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6 thoughts on “Lightning E.T. Propeller – Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken”

  1. Would like to see pitch available as low as 22 as I would like to use for drag racing. This type of racing is growing larger here in Canada. However without pitches lower than 26, Mercury has no offering. It’s too bad because I have an older 24ET and it’s one of my favourite props on my STV. Please consider lower pitch offerings. Thx

  2. I have three, 2, 28p and one 30p. Love them on my modified 2.5 liter pushing my Allison xb2003. Is there any chance of more production of replacement 280hp 2.5 liter blocks?

  3. I have a 24, 28, 30, and 32! Very curious reading the reply above about my 24 being a modified Chopper? I never realized this.

    I just got the new 32 for long distance river runs, and love it!… I love all of my Lightning ETs! I run them on my V21 Triad with a 280.


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