Islamorada Poker Run Fun!


Verados almost everywhere!

Florida Powerboat Club’s (FPC) Miami to Islamorada poker run follows the world’s best boat show. It’s unusually interesting because of that timing: Many of the Miami Show boats make their first outings with Stu Jones’ club. I counted eight show boats on Thursday’s wave.

OK, poker runs are about the fun, relationships and a common interest in performance boating. But my focus is mostly on our customers and their hardware (my job!)…

This year, I hitched a ride on Thursday with Derek Wachob, his family and friends. Their new 42 Cigarette Huntress is powered with five of the Mercury Racing designed 350SCi Verados! What a ride! And the sound system: young Madison sure can “shake that groove thing”! (So can Abby – and probably anyone else within about two miles.) Derek reloaded and made the trek again on Friday in his sinister black ZR 48 MTI.

Brad Benson and Tom Healey hovering over Brad's new "Pass Blocker" 48 MTI.
Phantom MTI 48...I LIKE this boat with its Rolls inspired interior and 2,700 ponies!

Two new 48 MTI’s, “Pass Blocker” and “Phantom” (both with 1350s) wasted no time thrilling their new owners.

The Skater Nation 1350 powered 44 Skater from Mercury’s in-water display was also cookin’ to Islamorada!

A gorgeous blue 50 Cigarette Marauder (also with 1350s) totally smoked the Intercoastal! After the start, I only saw them when they passed us, at lunch and the finish.

Two of the new 42 Cigarette Huntress’ and a new 39 Top Fish Open – all Verado powered – made the run, too.

50 Cigarette Marauder, “VooDoo” with twin 1350s at Islamorada (rafted with triple 350 Top Fish Cigarette).
Grove Harbor took care of many of the FPC fleet. Here, Skater Nation's 44 gets launched.

1350s with M8 drives power this 44 Skater, being launched at Grove Harbor Marina. After a loan to Skater Nation and Mercury Racing for the boat show, this impressive vessel was back in the capable hands of its owner for the FPC run.

While FPC’s Friday wave departed for Islamorada, I forced myself on a fun-filled trip (satire intended) back to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin — but thankful for the respite, hospitality and renewed friendships.

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