FS Deck Boat

The Bravo I FS - now for both outboards and sterndrives.
The Pro Finish Bravo I FS propeller.
The Bravo I FS prop turned on this 565 powered Nordic Deck Boat
Mercury Racing’s Bravo I FS prop turned on this 565 powered Nordic Deck Boat.

I just got some great news from Mike Griffiths – our resident product integration expert. Mike has been helping me dial-in an assortment of props for various applications. Mike and I tested props with anglers during Mercury’s National Walleye Tournament in Fond du Lac earlier this summer. Mike claims he is not an outboard guy, but you would never know it. It didn’t take him long to transfer his sterndrive performance boat knowledge to enhance the set-up of an average outboard walleye rig.

A number of anglers were smiling after reaping the benefits of Mike’s work on their boats. Mike provided input on weight distribution, engine height, trim tab positions and of course, props. The Bravo One XS was the star wheel for Optis; the Pro Finish Bravo I FS was more often than not the wheel of choice for Pro Verado folks.

All smiles after the big performance gain delivered by the Bravo I FS.
The swap from a stock 26″ Bravo I to 27″ Bravo I FS resulted in an over 5 mph gain in top-end speed.
The Boat Doc is a full line Mercury and Triton Boats dealer.
Triton’s 216 Fishunter walleye rig with Verado power.

As much fun as Mike had with the outboards, his first love is big block sterndrives. He recently did some testing with various West Coast boat builders. With the recent outboard props at his disposal – he thought why not try one with a sterndrive. The boat was a 29-foot Nordic Deck Boat with 565 power.

Mike began his test with a stock 26″ Bravo I prop on a Bravo One XR drive. The 565 turned 5380 – 5400 RPM @ 69.5 mph. Mike then grabbed one of his test props for a spin. The 27″ Bravo I FS turned 5450 RPM @ 74.8 mph; an incredible 5.3 mph speed gain! Mike is impressed – and it takes a lot to impress him. Nordic is equally impressed. I am too. It looks like Rick Mackie will be updating the Bravo I FS sell once again with a new title; Bravo I FS for Outboards…..and Sterndrives!






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2 thoughts on “FS Deck Boat”

  1. I’m running 21″ tempest on a 37′ triple verado 300 center console. Have you tried this prop on a triple engine non-stepped configuration yet?

    1. Paul,
      The Bravo I FS seems to run well on both outboard and sterndrive vee bottom boats. Most traditional vee bottoms (outboard or sterndrive) get the best top-end speeds with 3-blade props. Three blades offer more bow lift than the common 4 blade. However, in many cases it’s the planing performance, hooking up in slow turns, staying on plane at slower speeds, good mid-range fuel economy and respectable top speeds where the Bravo I FS shines. It’s a hybrid of the stock Bravo I. The leading edge is designed for smooth entry. The barrel is shortened to minimize stern lift which results with more bow lift. A little stern lift, combined with bow lift results with the complete hull being lifted off the water for reduced drag and enhanced efficiency. The trailing edge blade cups are adjusted to allow for moving up 1″ of pitch compared to the Tempest. Consider the 22″ pitch Bravo I FS to get similar rpm as the 21″ Tempest.

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