Fort Lauderdale 2011

Nor-Tech’s custom paint looks great on Mercury 300 Verados.
Cigarette’s new 39 Top Gun Open: great seating all over the boat.

Fort Lauderdale boat show: where to start? First, I spent more time in conversations than taking pictures.

My friend and 1350 customer, Derek Wachob (Black “Z48 Corvette” MTI), was on the performance dock when I arrived. Pier 57’s David Woods was working the Cigarette display. PR maven, Marilyn DeMartini, had Skip Braver engaged in a video interview with Wealth Magazine aboard Cigarette’s new, 39 center console fishing boat.

Cigarette’s European dealer, Marcel, always the gentleman, was politely grilling me about 1350 emissions and noise. “When may I have [QC4v] for the European Union market?” Easy questions; difficult answers: “It is difficult meeting low CO emissions of the European Recreational Craft Directive…blah, blah… But we’re working…blah, blah…” Seriously, we are working to comply with the EU RCD with the QC4v platform, but that’s all I will say for now.

Center consoles seemed to appear everywhere. The trend looks more intended for catching a good time than a big fish. Susan Patterson was eager to show off her new 44 Concept center console fish boat. Concept had (arguably) the most fishable of the new center consoles.

Beautiful detail and lounging comfort aboard a Nor-Tech center console (I can’t bring myself to say “fish boat!”)

While both Cigarette and Concept center consoles’ lounge areas were comfortable, none had more relaxing ones than Trond Schou’s new Nor-Tech. With a 10 foot beam, the foredeck lounge area can accommodate two people taking a nap — and seven people watching them sleep.

Sunsation upped the “dazzle factor” with detail-painted pulleys and even trim pumps on 700 SCi that were already custom colored in “Devil Red” from Mercury Racing.

Sunsation’s new 36 vee bottom displayed one of the most beautifully detailed engine rooms – brimming with twin 700 SCi power — whether the hatch was open or closed (through plexiglas hatch ports).

It was a good, fun boat show! Then the sky opened for two days.

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6 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale 2011”

  1. Thanks, Jason. I heard the sun came out the day I left Florida — and it started raining in Wisconsin as I arrived. Maybe I should skip the Florida Powerboat Club poker run to Key West. Wait… It stopped raining here! I’ll go. I’ll go!

  2. Hey guys! All I hear are good things about the 1350’S. Hope so: Pete @ Skater is re-powering my 46, TOMCAT, as we speak, with a pair of 1350’S. Have a great holiday and New Year!!!!! J R

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