Dialed In for Maximum Performance

Mercury Racing propellers are designed to maximize boat performance and handling in any application, from pleasure boating and fishing to poker runs and competition racing. Our artisans handcraft each propeller to precision-tuned works of art, customized for specific boat types and performance goals. Each individual propeller is then zero balanced and measured to ensure consistent performance every single time.

Performance Evolution

Only a small percentage of our propeller line today is designed specifically for racing. In fact, our most popular props, based off the Bravo I are used primarily for recreational boating.

Hole shot, on-plane efficiency and fuel economy under load are top of mind of the modern day boater.

Customer expectations have evolved through time and we have responded. Propeller performance is no longer about top speed. Today, consumers are also looking for the propeller to deliver hole shot, on-plane efficiency and fuel economy under load.

This MTI 340X catamaran is dialed-in with a set of 300R FourStroke outboards spinning handcrafted Racing CNC Outboard Propellers.

We have made additional tweaks to Mercury’s base Bravo casting to provide a new performance level for a variety of 2-stroke and 4-stroke outboard applications.  We also produce a variety of other outboard propellers  including the MAX5, Rev 4 XP, Enertia ECO XP, Pro Max and the 5-blade CNC Cleaver.

Our sterndrive  prop selection includes the Lab Finished Bravo I, Bravo I FSMAX5MaximusBravo Three XR, and the five and six blade CNC Cleavers.


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6 thoughts on “Dialed In for Maximum Performance”

  1. Bullet 21ss/300r

    I’d love to spin a few of these props for you and give some good tournament load, production boat numbers for Mercury Racing !

    1. Steven,

      Bullet owners have been generous over the years and a great resource for testing Mercury Racing products! So far, we have had great success with both our Pro Max and MAX5 propellers with varying loads on Bullet boats. Keep an eye out on the Mercury Racing FaceBook page for updates!


      1. my name is Curtis dewitt I have a legend 211r with a new 300r with hydraulic jackplate on a max 5 what pitch would I need its hard because you just cant take one out and test one

        1. Curtis,

          Do you have any props to test with? Even if you can run a taller pitch Bravo I propeller, the data will help with pitch selection for when you buy. Expect to end up around a 27 pitch for a MAX5, that will land you in the 82-85 mph range. Sounds like a fun boat!


  2. 2019 Mercury Pro XS 250 on a Ranger 620FS, what prop recommendations are there?
    I have run these so far:
    19 and 21 pitch tempest plus
    19 pitch rev 4
    21 pitch bravo 1
    I cant get the rpms over 5800 and the speed averages 54 mph. they are trimmed out, 2 people, gas tank full or empty doesnt seem to matter.

    1. Brandon,

      Historically, the Bravo I FS has been the best performer on the 620fs. An exact RPM reading on top end would help. Ideally, we’d like you to end up around 6000. Most guys have switched from the Tempest to the Bravo I FS, raised the engine up one hole on the transom and seen great gains.


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