Dave’s 1350 Experience

Dave Hemmingson is stoked. His company, Dave’s Custom Boats (DCB) in El Cajon, California is the first West Coast OEM boat builder to experience our new 1350 sterndrive engine packages. See Fred Kiekhaefer’s post Halloween Party at Dave’s where he documents the October 27 shipment of the DCB engines.

Photo of the 1350s installed prior to the the plumbing of exhaust and final rigging. Foam air intakes are fitted to the turbos for rigging and initial boat testing.
A view of the M8 drives awaiting the fitment of the tie-bar and Mercury Racing Pro Finish 5-blade CNC cleaver propellers.

Mike Griffiths, one of our installation specialists, traveled to DCB to assist with the initial install of the engines in a 31M Wide Body.

Mike met up with the DCB team in Lake Havasu City, Arizona after the Thanksgiving Holiday. He arrived armed with an array of our new Pro Finish 5-blade CNC Cleaver props for the December 2nd sea trials. You have to “sea” the sea trial videos, below!

 First Light

The Experience

 Day Two

Mike and DCB did extensive testing with an assortment of props. They really liked the 1500 hp rated Mercury Racing Pro Finish CNC cleavers.  More throttle gave instant acceleration.

DCB replaced the foam air filters with the carbon fiber air inlets upon completion of the test session.
Dave built clear hatch covers to show off the 1350’s good looks.

“Precision brute power on 91 octane – unreal,” a direct quote from Dave during our phone conversation regarding his 1350 experience. Dave continued, “The 1350s are breathtaking – technology at its finest. The idle quality is very cool. The brute power is unbelievable. They pull at 2500 rpm and never stop! I can’t believe the rpm band – and its nice to be able to run them on 91-octane pump fuel. The 1350 powered 31M Wide Body is the hardest accelerating, fastest DCB to date. We saw 176.4 mph in our second day of testing. I believe this boat’s handling and power is capable of 180.”

I’ve known Dave for a long time and he has never been so pumped about a product as he is with the 1350s. I’m sure you will see more 1350 powered DCBs in the future.

Dave’s first 1350 powered boat ready for delivery.
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3 thoughts on “Dave’s 1350 Experience”

  1. Congratulations!! This is insane performance for a 31 footer.. It is cool to see an american V8 turning almost 7000 rpm. I wish you the very best. Please keep safety in mind. This is not for the “average boater”……

    Erik Eriksen

    1. DCB has a very good handling cat. That said, any performance boat requires good judgment and experience at the helm. One as potent as this 31 is only for a very experienced few.

  2. Very Impressive for pump gas. Great sound to the motors with the TT setup.

    Kudos to the DCB wide body 31 for a great cat platform for these wicked motors from Mercury.

    Great package all the way around. Bet the insurance will cost a bit though for that speed on a recreational boat.

    But hey you only get one go around in life so why not go for it all if you can afford it!

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