Bravo I FS Prop Dials In Multi-Species Boat Performance

Squeezing more speed and better handling from the Mercury Pro XS 300 outboard.

Anglers out to maximize the performance of the new Mercury V8 Pro XS outboards are turning to Mercury Racing for propeller expertise. We have documented prop test results for many bass and multi-species boats running the 2.6-liter L6 Mercury Verado models and the previous V6 Mercury Optimax Pro XS outboards, but are just starting to test these boats with the new 4.6-liter V8 motors. We recently executed a detailed propeller test with Mercury Pro Staff fisherman Matt Kirsammer, who is running a new Lund 208 Tyee GL powered by a V8 Mercury Pro XS 300 outboard. After testing five Mercury and Mercury Racing props, it was the Mercury Racing Bravo I® FS that not only delivered the best top speed, but also improved hole shot and fuel economy over the baseline prop in this application. Here’s how we conducted the test.

This 20-foot-8-inch fiberglass Lund model has a beam of 8 feet. This was a real-world test – the  prop evaluations were conducted with two people aboard, a full 55-gallon fuel tank and Kirsammer’s typical load of tournament gear. Baseline performance was established using a 19-pitch Mercury Tempest® Plus prop Kirsammer has been running on the boat. We then tested a 20-pitch Mercury Revolution 4®, a 21-pitch Mercury Racing Revolution 4® XP, a 22-pitch Mercury Racing Bravo I® LT, and a 22-pitch Mercury Racing Bravo I® FS. Two engine heights were also tested —  the factory position that was the second hole from the top on his engine bracket, or 1 inch above boat bottom, and the fourth hole from the top, or 2.5 inches above boat bottom. Matt preferred the lower engine height for overall boat control.  Check out our data chart to see all of the results.

The best overall performance was delivered by the 22-pitch Mercury Racing Bravo I® FS at the stock engine height; gaining 1.3 mph on top end speed, improved fuel economy, quicker hole shot, and much better handling at speed. One of the great attributes of switching from a three-blade to a four-blade propeller is the improved boat stability on top end and in rough water, which can give the driver much more confidence. The tuned barrel of the Mercury Racing Bravo I® FS also generated the perfect amount of lift for this application. The Bravo I LT, which has a longer, flared barrel, had slightly too much stern lift for this boat-and-motor combination. Both Mercury Racing Bravo prop models, however, performed better than the Revolution 4 models, with quicker hole shot and the ability to hold the boat on plane at lower speeds, an important attribute for a pro angler who is often out in rough conditions.

Want to download the test data? Click here.

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63 thoughts on “Bravo I FS Prop Dials In Multi-Species Boat Performance”

  1. Hey
    I drive a Lund 2075 Pro V bass powered with a Mercury Pro XS 250 V8, a hydraulic jackplate is also installed. I am looking for the right propeller for maximum top speed. At the moment I’m driving a Tempest three blade 21 pitch prop. Current top speed is 60 mph but I am getting into the limiter. Which propeller would you recommend? Thanks for your help.

    Greetings from Switzerland

    1. Luca,

      Consider a 23 pitch Bravo I FS. You should see great gains across the board, including 2-3 mph on top end. The Lunds handle very well with the four blade design.


  2. I am keen to try a bravo xs on my 21 foot force (Australian ski race boat) with a 250xs I’m currently running a 24 pitch trophy 75mph @ 6100 rpm I have also have tried a 22 pitch tempest witch hits the limiter very quickly 70mph @6200rpm. What are your thoughts on the bravo xs on my boat and what pitch I should try
    Melbourne Australia

    1. Mark,

      It’s going to be hard to beat the top end speed with the Trophy. The Bravo I XS will however offer much improved hole shot. I think you will be around the 73 mph mark with a 25 pitch Bravo I XS.


  3. I am currently running a 19 pitch Tempest Plus on my 2019 2025 Impact XS with a 200 ProXS. Interested in what you would recommend for a pro on this setup. I get right at 48-50 mph, 5000 rpm opened up with full tank, two people, and gear. Fish the Dakota’s and Nebraska as well as the Missouri River.

    1. Ronald,

      Great setup. You would benefit from getting more RPM out of the engine. I’d recommend the 19 pitch Bravo I LT and raising the engine up one hole on the transom. You can expect a 300 RPM increase, and much better handling and acceleration. Top speed will be about the same.


  4. I have a 2020 Triton 216 with the 300 Mercury Pro XS
    Boat came with a 20 p Tempest plus achieved 5600 RPM top speed of 53 mph. We went to a 19 P Tempest plus, 6000 rpm top speed
    49 Mph. Went to a 20p Bravo 1 LT 5600 rpm top speed of 56 mph with full live well. I currently have motor as low as can go and have a hydrolic jack plate. Top speed is with raising motor 1″ from bottom.
    So my question is: Is that all there is or can I get more by switching props again? My dealer is out of ideas.

    1. D Hobbs,

      Have you tested raising the motor higher than the 1 inch? With how low your slip is, there should be room to raise the engine higher on top end. If the boat is getting squirrely on top end, you may want to try a Bravo I FS to help settle the stern.


  5. Hi, I have a 2019 Fishunter 206 with a 250 ProXS V8 and currently run 5900 – 6000 with 1/2 tank of fuel running 59-60 mph with a Tempest Plus 21P with an Atlas jackplate. Prop loses grip and was wondering which Bravo is better for the Triton hull? Or should i consider to have the Tempest blueprinted. One another note should i be looking to be at 6200 RPM instead of 6000?


    1. Cory,

      Consider the Bravo I FS in a 22 pitch. The fourth blade will keep you from blowing out and the shortened barrel provides bow lift. 6000 RPM is perfect, the engine will start to pull power when you hit 6200.


      1. Hi, I have a
        Ranger 1998 250cc sport fisherman with twins 300 verados at 6400 rpm with full tank of fuel running 59-60 mph with Tempest Plus 19P with jackplates because engines are 30 inch shaft the are mounted in second hole from the top i would like to know what pitch of the Bravo 1 FS is better for improving my top speed and overall performance looking to be at 6150 or 6100 RPM

  6. 2020 ranger 621fs mercury verado 350, bobs hydraulic jack plate.
    What is the prop that has been working best on this setup?

    1. Londell,

      If you have a kicker and a few batteries in the rear, guys have really been liking the Bravo I LT. It offers much improved hole shot and better ride quality in rough water.


  7. 2006 Ranger 620, Verado 250, Atlas 6″ jackplate, 9.9 kicker, 36v Vantage…Currently running a Bravo FS 21 pitch with PVS. Good hole shot, top speed of 60mph and RPM of 6700. Could you recommend a prop or another Bravo pitch to bring RPM down and bring top speed up.

    1. Jason,

      Is the engine flashed? You should not be able to get to 6700 on a stock tune. If you would like to drop 300 RPM, consider the 23 pitch Bravo I FS.


          1. Jason,

            It all depends on where the engine wants to make full power now with your tune. With the stock tune, we prop for 6150 RPM for highest top end speed.


  8. Hello,
    I’m about to pull the trigger on a new Nitro ZV20 with the 300 Pro XS, it comes with a Tempest 21p prop.
    My current Lund 1975 pro v with the Verado 225 has the Bravo FS 20p on it and I like everything about this prop except when I punch it on plane cruising at 30 mph or so, trimmed around 4, motor height is app 2.5″ above bottom of boat, it tends to slip excessively until it catches up with itself. Almost like the torque from the motor is too much for the prop, other than that it is great in all water conditions.
    So going to the new boat I’m thinking I should go with a 22p Bravo FS but looking for your thoughts to avoid above “slippage”. I usually run with a med load and only 1-2 guys in boat but can be on big water with 2-3 footers routine and higher from time to time.

    1. Ken,

      I think you are right on the money with the 22 pitch Bravo I FS. As far as your acceleration issue, that is a common trait with the Bravos, they like a more gradual application of power.


  9. Hi, I have a Nitra Boats 22 with V8 200 ProXS and Torque Master. Running axle 1.5″ to 2″ below pad. I have Rev4 XP 23.5p that works well overall and tops 73 mph at 6175 rpm. I would like to get some more bow lift at top speed, do you think shortening the barrel could work? An inch maybe? Tried Bravo FS 22″ and it only revved 6230 and 67 mph with bad bow lift. Where does 200hp model start to loose power, seems like after 6100rpm? Maybe I have to move up in pitch also if I get more bow lift…

    1. Joona,

      Yes I would recommend a 24.5 pitch Bravo I FS for more bow lift. RPM should be about 6150, just off of the limiter.


  10. I am currently trying to find the right setup for the new Triton 19txp which is an aluminum bass boat (same hulls the ranger rt198p) 175 Mercury pro XS (2020 so its a 4 stroke). Currently running a 23 pitch tempest plus 5640 rpms 61.2 mph. 4.5 pad to prop. Need to see more rpms and would like to see better top end. What prop do you recommend and what pitch?? all numbers come from the merc monitor and gps so they are accurate. If I raise the prop more at this point I get a lot of slip. Thinking about the Bravo I FS????

    1. Cary,

      For top end speed, I wouldn’t change a thing. The Tempest is hooked up very well at that height and RPM is good. If you’d like to try a Bravo I FS, run the same pitch. You can raise the engine up slightly higher, should gain 150 RPM. But your slip will increase with the Bravo and I think you would lose 1-2 mph. The Bravo FS really shines on hole shot and handling, especially in rough water.


  11. Hi, can you tell me something about mounting hight of an torque master gear case. I’m running it at 23” hight with a mirage plus 21” .The Engine 250 Pro XS V8 on an 26 Foot Boat. Weight is 1. 1 ton. My speed is 58 mph at 6180Rpm. It seems like I have no grip in the Water. If I push the Throttle to hard it slips. My next try will be an Rev 4 23”
    Greeting from Germany

    1. Marcus,

      Most will run the Torque Master measuring the prop shaft about 1 inch below boat bottom. Your slip is high, and you will benefit from switching propellers. Either a Bravo I FS or a Tempest will give you bow lift. Switching to the Rev 4 from the Mirage, you are going to be adding stern lift.


      1. Hi Nick ,
        I raised the Engine up to 24” and tested the Rev4 23”. Now my Rpm ist too low 5450 RPM at 58 MPH. The Handling is very Good. The Problems of loosing Grip in turns and at acceleration is gong. Wich Prop would you recognize for at little more bow lift and response of the trim.

        Tanks Marcus

          1. Hi Nick,
            Tanks for you support. I want to give you a little feedback. Now I got my Bravo 1 FS 22”
            The handling and performance is great. Now I reach can 62 mph at 5800 RPM.
            Thanks a lot

  12. Nick, appreciate all the replies! I’m running a Ranger 620 pro with a 300 pro Xs, and not happy with the performance to say the least… I’m currently running a mercury racing bravo 1 FS in 21p, and rpms are 6020 and 57.8 mph with 2 guys & full of fuel. This prop runs best at 4 1/2” prop shaft below pad. Compared to all the bravos I’ve ran over the years on Verados, I can’t jack this thing up at all without losing speed, and absolutely no rooster tail. Verados Seam to like a 3’ rooster, but maybe these don’t? I’m thinking about sending this prop in to have a little more cup added, as I don’t feel I have quite enough bow lift, but would greatly appreciate any ideas you may have!

    1. Garret,

      Sounds like adding more tip cup will help you out. Both with the bow lift and staying hooked up at higher engine heights. It all has to do with the weight difference of the new V8 versus the Verado, it significantly changes the CG of the boat.


  13. 2020 1975 pro v with a 225 pro xs, find the performance is subpar with current setup. 52 mph @ 5600 rpm, feel the stern is dragging this boat down with to much bow lift, I want this boat to do 60mph, open to suggestions, will this engine pull one of these 4 blade bravos fs? thx

          1. Thanks Nick I will give this setup a try. What do you recommend for the pvs? wide open no inserts at all or blocked with plugs? thx

          2. Renton,

            I’d advise starting with all plugs blocked, then removing two on opposing sides and seeing if hole shot improves.


  14. Bravo 1 FS on Ranger Z520L with 250 Pro XS 4S, would this be a good prop? Currently have Fury 3-23″. If so, what pitch would you suggest on this boat with power poles installed. I have heard anything between 24-25″ pitch

    1. Rodney,

      Yes the Bravo I FS is a great prop for the Z520. What are you currently seeing for RPM and speed at wide open? Typically, you jump up two inches in pitch when switching from the Fury to the Bravo I FS to maintain similar RPM.


  15. I am looking at re-propping my boat. I run a 2020 Nitro ZV20 with a 300 ProXS. Currently have a 21P Tempest Plus. Current performance is 53-54mph at WOT and can only spin at 5500rpm. What prop would you recommend?

    1. Dustin,

      Consider the Bravo I FS and sticking with the 21 pitch. RPM should increase 100-150 and you will have the availability to raise the engine up one hole on the transom for further speed and RPM increases. Handling and hole shot will see improvements out of the box as well.


  16. Hi.
    Running a Northsilver 650husky (about 21 fot)
    Mercury 250 Pro xs
    Atlas 6″ Jackplate.
    Tryed a couple of props.

    Enertia 21″ rpm about 5700 top speed about 58+mph
    Bad grip and cant trim out.

    Bravo 1 lt 21″ about the same top rpm and a little less top speed.
    God grip and lift.

    Tempest 23″ Rpm 5500 top 56 mpg.
    To big, hard to turn for the engine.

    Revolution 4 21″ 5700rpm 58+mph
    great overall speed and handeling.

    But my biggest problem is the boat starts jumping with the bow.
    We are 3 frends with the same setup and the same problem that the boats starts jumping, then a frend with the same boat but Honda 250, he does not have the same problem, but also he doesent reach the same topspeed 😉
    Any ideas?
    And which prop size and prop type do you recomend?


    1. Martin,

      I would recommend either the Rev 4 XP or the Bravo I LT, whichever one you are more comfortable with and run trim tabs to control the boat. Unfortunately a lot of the bigger walleye style hulls get out of shape when approaching 60 mph. Keep in mind switching from a standard Rev 4 to a Rev 4 XP should net you 2 mph as well.


  17. 2003 Concept 27 center console with a 2014 verado 300 pro. Currently running a used bravo 1 24p. Prop shaft roughly 1.5 below the bottom of the boat. With the 24p I am running 52mph at 5400 with 3/4 tank and 3 people on board. I was originally thinking somewhere in the 20p range for a bravo fs.

    1. Chris,

      I like your thinking with the Bravo I FS, consider a 21.5 pitch. RPM increases should be in the 500 range. It will really wake up the boat! Between the tuned exhaust barrel and the Pro Finish, you should see some nice gains on top end as well.


  18. Hi, I have a
    Ranger 1998 250cc sport fisherman with twins 300 verados at 6400 rpm with full tank of fuel running 59-60 mph with Tempest Plus 19P with jackplates because engines are 30 inch shaft the are mounted in second hole from the top i would like to know what pitch of the Bravo 1 FS is better for improving my top speed and overall performance looking to be at 6150 or 6100 RPM

    1. Juan,

      Sounds like an awesome setup. Consider 21 pitch Bravo FS props. You can expect a 2 mph increase, but also improved hole shot and rough water handling.


  19. Currently running an Optimax 200 on a Recon 985 boat with motor AV plate 2.25 inches above boat bottom. Prop is Bravo 1 XS 22p. Hole shot is great, top speed is 57mph at 5600rpm depending on load and conditions. Planning on repowering with the new 200 Pro XS 4-stroke V8 motor.

    Several questions:
    1) Should the 4-stroke Pro XS be mounted at same height as the current Optimax? Someone suggested to me the new Pro XS does better a bit deeper.
    2) What prop should I use? Stay with Bravo 1 XS, switch to Bravo 1 FS model, or something else? Would even be willing to go with Lab Finished version of prop if that would benefit performance.
    3) Vent holes plugged or open?
    4) Since Pro XS has much higher RPM range, do I need to drop a couple pitch to get RPM up? If so, will this hurt top speed?

    Overall looking to get the best possible overall performance and top speed.

    1. Jason,

      I think the Bravo I XS will be a great starting point on the new engine, it should be very close to what you need. The XS and the FS are virtually the same prop, the XS simply has more vent holes. Most guys are running only two vent holes open on the new engines, so you would need 6 closed, close all four rear holes, and two opposing on the front holes. Are you going with a Torque Master gear case or HD (5.44 or 4.88)? That will play into engine height.


  20. Thanks Nick. I hadn’t thought about the gear case. I don’t really know the difference. Can you explain and offer any advice in this area?

    Also, what’s considered rear or front holes?

    Since with the Optimax and a 22p prop I’m running at 5600 RPM at WOT, what do I need to do to get my RPM up to near 6000 for the Pro XS?

    1. Jason,

      The Torque Master is the go to for a single engine, 20 inch shaft application. The diameter of the torpedo is 4.88″ and features water pickups on the nose and standard strut. If a 25 inch shaft is needed, you have to go with the HD gear case, originally designed to endure life on an offshore center console. Both are great options, typically the Torque Master is slightly faster. Again, running your current prop, you should be right near that 6000 mark on the new motor.


  21. 98 Gambler Intimidator
    2019 Pro XS 200
    Bobs 10” Hydraulic Jackplate
    Moved TM batteries to front because too much weight on back boat was squirrelly.

    25P tempest plus
    Max RPM 5400

    22P Bravo 1 No pvs
    Max RPM 5700

    Trophy 23P
    Max rpm 6000

    All props are run up until water pressure drops to about 10-12psi

    Felt the 4 blades lifted the bow more than the 3 blade.

    Thinking of getting a 21P bravo 1 fans unless you have any other suggestions.

    These numbers were entered in the merc prop selector app and all suggest 21/22 pitch props.

    What do you think?

    1. Joey,

      Consider sticking with the 22 pitch, but switching over to the Bravo I FS. I think in order to keep your speed, you need to stay with the bigger wheel. The FS also features the Pro Finish and shortened barrel, you should pick up at least another 100 RPM and have slightly more bow lift. The shorter barrel will also not lift the stern as much as the stock Bravo, allowing you to run higher and trim more.


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