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Walleye Master

Greetings from the Minneapolis Boat Show! I’m working the show – representing Mercury Racing Propellers in the Mercury booth. I’m showing the Bravo I LT here – a prime market for Walleye Angling where the LT really shines. We recently expanded the LT pitch range with 19″ and 19.5″ pitch offerings.

A while back I wrote a post entitled, FS Miller where I reported performance results of our then new Bravo I FS propeller.   We tested the FS on Steve Miller’s 2014 Lund Pro-V 2075 featuring a 300 Verado Pro FourStroke. The goal was to dial-in Steve’s Lund for maximum performance.

By raising the engine a couple of holes from the factory setting, we found the best prop for Steve’s setup was the 21” pitch Bravo I FS. It was like a new boat. Planing, handling and top speeds were all enhanced. One thing to note: Steve’s rig did not have a kicker motor.

This past November we set out to test two new pitch offerings for the Bravo I LT. We used Steve’s new 2016 Lund Pro-V 2075 300 Verado Pro FourStroke. The engine was set at the same height as his 2014 Lund; The anti ventilation plate is 2.5” above boat bottom. The big difference with the 2016 Lund is the addition of a 9.9 h.p. ProKicker. The added weight of the 9.9 ProKicker did slow things down with planing and top speed compared to his 2014 rig.