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SEMA 2015


We’re excited to return for our third consecutive SEMA show where we are showing our all-new 32-Valve DOHC SB4 cylinder head and valve train.

The aluminum four valve head dual overhead camshaft valve train, designed and developed to integrate with General Motors LS series hardware,  provides improved performance and durability versus a standard two-valve design. The head design adapts Mercury Racing’s proven high performance valve train to the robust, small block LS engine family.

Benefits of the DOHC four-valve design versus the typical LS pushrod layout include:

  • Enhanced intake and exhaust port flow enables increased horsepower
  • Higher engine rev limit for increased horsepower
  • Valve train durability due to reduced mass and lower stresses
  • Improved drivability due to milder camshaft timing at comparable horsepower levels