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Magoo’s Rules

How One Owner Achieved 550 Hours with his Mercury Racing QC4 1350s

Acceleration never gets old, and nothing beats the heart-pounding rush of dropping the throttles to unleash the torque generated by a pair of Mercury Racing QC4 sterndrive engines. It could be the ultimate performance-boating thrill.

Dave “Magoo” Megugorac is a performance boat owner addicted to the QC4 drug. Magoo, as he’s known to his friends, prowls Lake Havasu and Lake Powell in a DCB M35 powered by a pair of Mercury Racing QC4 1350 engines, and in his new rig, a DCB M44 with a pair of Mercury Racing Dual Cal 1350/1550 engines below the hatches. The 66-year-old has run the DCB M35 cat to 163 mph to win the Desert Storm Shootout four years in a row, and won his class at the 2019 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout at 156 mph in the M44.