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Hot Wheels!


In our trifecta of Miami product releases propellers are always the unsung heroes. They are often forgotten about in the glitz and glamour of media conferences and product unveilings. However, it is that polished piece of art bolted onto the leg of an outboard or sterndrive that makes or breaks an engine’s performance. Performance propeller guru Scott Reichow gets it and is continually serving niche markets with new props and or enhancements to existing models. He did just that for the Miami Boat Show with the release of the all-new Pro Finish Bravo I XC propeller as well as enhancements made to the popular Bravo I XS and Pro Max props. Bravo I XC

Specifically for single outboard powered hulls, the Pro Finish Bravo I XC features a tremendous amount of blade cup offering a shorter time to plane, improved grip at lower speeds and quicker throttle response. Air entrapment flats boats particularly benefit as the larger blade area enables the engine to run at elevated transom heights – without sacrificing performance. The prop stays hooked up for quick planing and provides enhanced performance throughout the engine rpm range. The exhaust tube is designed to support planing and stability at lower speeds. The Bravo I XC diameter is increased to 15.3″ and currently features a pitch range of 20″, 22” and 24” right hand rotation.     Bravo I XS