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Expanded MAX5 Propeller Offerings


Mercury Racing Propeller Manager Scott Reichow and Propeller Specialist and  Project Manager Nick Petersen  review  our expanded MAX5 propeller offerings.

The Mercury Racing MAX5 propeller, developed and handcrafted by Mercury Racing Propeller artisans, is designed for single- and multiple-engine applications, including the 400R outboard and the 600 SCi sterndrive. The Lab Finished MAX5 provides a measurable reduction in propeller slip (up to 12 percent). In fact, the MAX5 prop is so efficient builders are finding they can run it higher to take full advantage of engines fitted with the race-proven Sport Master gearcase.


Bigger is Better

New 15.25-inch-diameter MAX5 models offer 3-4 percent reduction in slip compared to the 15.00-inch models on select outboard and sterndrive applications that benefit from elevated transom heights. Half-inch pitch offerings enable engines to be dialed-in to their maximum rpm operating range for enhanced throttle response, optimized cruise fuel efficiency and optimal top speed.