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300R vs 300XS: And the Winner Is?


I recently wrote a feature post on Liberator Boats of Florida and their initial experience with our new 4.6L V8 300R FourStroke outboard. I elected to feature Liberator as company owner Randy Corson had just received his first 300R in June. Randy has extensive experience with our V6 300XS two-stroke. I was anxious to get his feedback regarding our new engine and how it compared  with the 300XS it replaced.

Randy provided some initial performance numbers and then compared them with his archival 300XS data:

Both engines featured the Sport Master gearcase. The 300XS had a 1.62:1 gear ratio. The 300R had a 1.75:1 gear ratio.  Due to the gear ratio difference, the 300XS ran a 32-inch pitch propeller. The 300R ran a 34-inch pitch prop. The bare hull weight of the 300XS hull is 940 pounds. Randy said it is the fastest 300XS powered 21-foot Liberator he has ever had.  The bare hull weight of the 300R boat was 1063 pounds.