Three Months Out: a 565 Update!

It’s been a few months since the Miami introduction of Mercury Racing’s 565 horsepower, 8.7 liter engine. I thought I’d check in with the “early adopters” for their impressions. I suspected I would be pleased; I was right.

The universal highlights:

Hustler 344 Cheetah "burns nothin!" with 565's. Photo courtesy of Hustler Powerboats.
Mercury Racing ZeroEffort Digital controls perfectly compliment this very tasteful helm. Photo courtesy of Cigarette Racing.

1)   exceptional top end performance,

2)   unexpectedly good fuel economy!

3)   seductively smooth shift and throttle and

4)   amazing time-to-plane and mid-range acceleration!



Nordic's 24SX catamaran tops 100 mph with a single Mercury Racing 565. Photo by Robert Brown, courtesy of Sportboat Magazine.

Top End. Nordic’s new 24SX catamaran, with a single 565, is routinely “over the 100 mph mark,” according to Nordic GM, Kevin Doane. Cigarette’s 38 Top Gun 90+ MPH runs, well… 90+! “Really, it’s 90++!” says Skip Braver. “It shifts like it has 1350’s,” he continued. Nor-Tech’s 420 Monte Carlo “tops 86 mph” in the words of Scott Conrad. Formula’s Miami show boat, 400 FX Super Sport, is running 63 mph for its owner (2 people, full of fuel and water). Whatever your boating preference, that is excellent performance from these engines in a wide range of boat types.

Cigarette 38 Top Gun 90+ MPH with twin 565s. Update of a classic look! Photo coutesy of Cigarette Racing.

Fuel Economy. Hustler Powerboat’s Joe LoGiudice reported on the first 344 Cheetah built with 565’s: “The customer’s ecstatic with the performance….We delivered it four or five weeks ago. He’s got over 35 hours on the engines. He drives it everyday…. At cruise, it don’t burn nothin’!” I’m pretty sure Joe’s “nothin’” is rhetorical embellishment, but you get the idea.

The Nordic 24SX is both fast and frugal. Photo by Robert Brown, courtesy of Sportboat magazine.

The Nordic 24SX is close to 5 mpg at 60 mph. (Look for a comprehensive feature article on the Mercury Racing 565 powered Nordic 24SX catamaran in the fall issue of Sportboat Magazine.) “We’re seeing 15 to 20% [fuel economy] improvement over other engines of similar power.”

With the use of Mercury’s MercMonitor ECO gauge screen, we expect those results for every boater using this package – regardless of trimming skill. The ECO display points you toward optimal economy (recommending speed and trim) and the gauge turns from amber to green when you’re there. How cool is that?

ECO-screen tells it like it is: Green is lean! Note: with 565's, your speed will be substantially higher than the 29 mph indicated above.

Mild Manners. Just watch the Nor-Tech 420 Monte Carlo video from the Miami Boat Show. 565 shifting is as smooth as it looks. One owner called it “seductive.” I’m pretty sure “seductive” is rhetorical embellishment, but you get the idea. (Or maybe he was describing his boat’s overall impact.)

Torque. “The boat just rolls up on top,” says Conrad. “A ton of torque,” says LoGiudice. Factually, the 565’s peak torque is 610 lb-ft at 3,600 rpm (and stays over 580 all the way to 5,200). With twins, that’s over half-a-ton-feet of torque. “The torque is [expletive deleted] amazing!,” said another (in a thick, Norwegian accent). That is definitely embellishment. Speed to plane and mid-range punch are the most noticeable benefits of oodles of torque.

You’re going to love 8.7 liters of big block muscle and the breath taking acceleration. These are big horses, with highly refined manners, enabled by digital control!


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