565 Fuel Economy: Impressive. Most impressive!

Now here’s something noteworthy: 3.2 MPG on 89 octane pump gas! This is real-world, family boating experience in a new 29 Outerlimits vee bottom with Mercury Racing’s 565.

The business end: Bravo One XR Sport Master with Maximus Short Tube prop.
Mike Everson warms up his new OL’s 565 prior to testing.

Mike Everson is the proud, new owner of this beautiful rig. And he lives near us! So, we invited Mike to Fond du Lac for some data collection on his Outerlimits. Mike Griffiths, one of our field techs, gathered some fuel consumption data on Lake Winnebago; however, Mike Everson shared his following weekend experience, too. He covered 124 miles with his family on the Mississippi River. (Hey, it’s his new boat, you would too!) He averaged 3.2 MPG over those 124 miles. Impressive.

Here is Mike Griffiths’ drier, more clinical data:

Prop: Maximus 15.625 x 32 five blade propeller.

Test load: Three, pizza and cola fueled, adult males (maturity level, indeterminate) and a full 89 octane fuel load.

Weather: clear, 90 degrees F, wind 4 MPH, gusting to 10 MPH

Engine RPM, boat speed and fuel mileage:

Two Mikes and a Jason head out for data. Yea, right – data.
Carbon fiber, carbon fiber and more carbon fiber… all pushed around by 8.7 liters worth of ponies.

3000 RPM = 46 MPH = 2.76 MPG

3500 RPM = 55 MPH = 3.20 MPG

4000 RPM = 66 MPH = 3.26 MPG

4500 RPM = 75 MPH = 2.97 MPG

5000 RPM = 84 MPH = 2.71 MPG

5250 RPM = 93 MPH = 2.67 MPG


Sweet! Lake conditions limited our ability to extract the 29’s absolute top performance. (Outerlimits’ builder, Mike Fiore, noted 98 MPH top end back at the factory.) However, 93 MPH with three people and a full fuel load is respectable — especially attaining 2.7 MPG with the digital throttle held wide open! [In Darth Vader’s raspy, measured delivery…] “Impressive. Most impressive.”


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4 thoughts on “565 Fuel Economy: Impressive. Most impressive!”

  1. Hello Scott,

    compared to the classic BRAVO 1, what difference in rpm should we expect in a same pitch maximus prop? Currently we swing Bravo 1 24 (and i think that we could probably swing bravo 1 26 also) in a bravo xr sterndrive.


    1. Giannis,
      The 25.5” would offer the same rpm as the stock 24” and the 26” pitch LT would be very close in rpm. Expect 75 rpm drop but with increased speed.

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