1100 Competition Production Spools Up

The 1100 Competition is handcrafted by the same skilled technicians who build all of our QC4 engines. It is mechanically sealed with a tamper-proof ECU to ensure a level playing field for racers.

Production of our new 1100 Competition engine is underway in support of the 2019 APBA Offshore Championship series. It is the spec engine for the series’ premier 1100 catamaran class.

The 9.0-liter engine features Mercury Racing’s exclusive aluminum four-valve cylinder heads and dual overhead camshaft valve train. The proprietary V8 cylinder block is further packed with Mercury Racing-designed and specified hardware. A Racing exclusive fuel calibration combined with the Quad Cam Four Valve (QC4) valve train enables the engine to produce 1,100 horsepower at 6500 rpm on 89-octane (95 RON) pump fuel. The engine’s 6000-6500 rpm operating range offers unsurpassed acceleration for its power rating as well as unmatched durability and reliability.

The new 1100 Competition engine was developed exclusively for the new APBA Offshore Championship series, a joint venture between Powerboat P1 and the Offshore Powerboat Association. Photo credit: Pete Boden

Powerboat P1, which produces the single-engine outboard V-bottom Panther/SuperStock race boat series as well as the AquaX personal watercraft circuit, has joined forces with the Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) to create the APBA Offshore Championship series. The season kicks off May 18-19 with Thunder on Cocoa Beach, round one of the six race series.


The 1100 powered Miss GEICO makes her public debut at the May 4-5 Fort Lauderdale Air Show where it will compete for bragging rights in a drag race with a plane. Photo credit: Pete Boden

Miss GEICO Racing recently took delivery of their handcrafted 1100 engines. They will soon be installed in their 41-foot Victory catamaran. Crew Chief Gary Stray is very passionate about the new series and the 1100 class. “The new engines look amazing. We can’t wait to get these fitted and tested,” said Gary.


The 1100 powered Miss GEICO makes her public debut at the May 4-5 Fort Lauderdale Air Show where it will compete for bragging rights in a drag race with a plane.  After that team GEICO will be full on test mode in preparation for Cocoa Beach.

Miss GEICO race techs (left to right): Patrick Cleveland and Micah Paul with Crew Chief Gary Stray Photo credit: Gary Stray

“The 1100s are mechanically sealed from the factory – tamper proofed if you will. And the engine – based on the same QC4 platform as our 1650s – will prove to be extremely durable and reliable with a low cost of ownership and minimal required maintenance. Two of our 1100 catamaran class competitors – 222 from Australia and Victory Team are running identically rigged 41-foot Victory cats so the racing will truly be a test of driver and throttleman skill. Everyone will be on a level playing field which is very exciting for competitors and spectators alike,” said Gary.

We are committed to see the new APBA Offshore Championship series succeed and grow. This year will be proof of the concept for the new 1100 catamaran class. It will only be time before former Class 1 competitors and others realize low cost of ownership combined with a level playing field equates to a formula for success.

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