Project 1080

A restored 38-foot Cigarette Top Gun featuring Mercury Racing 540 sterndrives will be the official pace boat for the Florida Powerboat Club.

We are anxiously awaiting Florida Powerboat Club’s (FPC) restoration of a year 2000 Cigarette 38 Top Gun into a modern pace boat.

A rendering of the Resto-Mod Cigarette 38 Top Gun. The actual graphics package will include additional Mercury Racing signage on the deck and engine hatch area.

Deemed Project 1080, the restoration with fresh Racing propulsion formalizes our long-standing marketing partnership with FPC.

The 540 engines will be coupled to Mercury Racing Bravo One XR drives.

FPC founder Stu Jones is restoring the classic Cigarette from bow to stern with a refreshed cockpit, cabin, flooring and paint.

“I watch some of the custom car shows and auctions on TV, and the term Resto-Mod really stuck out in my head. I just felt like there would be nothing cooler than a classic, straight-bottom Cigarette, with brand new 2018 state-of-the-art hardware and power from bow to stern. This project is so exciting, I feel like a kid again!” said Stu.

The Integrated Transom System (ITS) features integrated steering cylinders, eliminating the need to mount external steering to the transom. A built-in seven inch set-back enhances performance on selected applications, including the 38 Top Gun.

The original 540 Bulldog engines are being replaced with our all-new 540 sterndrives featuring digital throttle and shift (DTS). The engines are coupled to Bravo One XR drives with optional Integrated Transom Systems (ITS).  Mercury Racing Bravo I FS propellers will set the pace for all to follow.

The original K-Plane trim tabs are being replaced with all-new tabs with digital trim senders.

Mercury Racing digital Zero Effort Controls will offer smooth throttle and shift response to the 540 sterndrives. A Mercury VesselView 502 monitor will provide vital engine and vessel data. the revised helm will be complemented with an array of digital analog gauges as well.

Stu’s Resto-Mod dream is becoming a reality as the first coat of paint is applied. Project 1080 is set to make its public debut at FPC’s Emerald Coast Poker Run event, August 15-19 in Destin/Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

Mercury Racing dealer Performance Marine Trading in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is performing the installation and rigging of the engines, drives and accessories.

We are excited to feature Mercury Racing 540 sterndrives in FPC’s o­fficial pace boat. We’ve been with Stu and Jackie throughout their 25-year run. We continue to back FPC for their emphasis on providing safe, organized events for our customers.

Project 1080 is set to make its public debut at FPC’s Emerald Coast Poker Run event, August 15-19 in Destin/Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

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