Verado 400R

The New Standard
of Performance
  • Features

    Cool Air Intake

    The cool air intake grabs fresh outside air to feed the supercharger and cooler air means more horsepower for big performance gains

  • Features


    The water-cooled supercharger uses the engine cooling system to reduce air temperatures and supercharger load, increasing supercharger durability and more importantly – POWER

  • Features

    Charge Air Cooler

    For even more power, the air is cooled one last time by the charge air cooler after the air exits the supercharger and before it enters the cylinder head for maximum performance

  • Features

    Electronic Boost Bypass Control Valve

    Electronically monitors boost pressure levels to self-compensate for environmental changes, delivering consistent power that you have to feel to believe

  • Features

    Guide Plates

    Standard on all 400R models, the stainless steel guide plates stabilize the engine and Advanced Midsection for improved durability and rock solid handling at high speeds and in rough seas

  • Features

    Engine Mounts

    High performance engine mounts designed in conjunction with Mercury’s exclusive Advanced Midsection for the perfect combination of handling and overall running quality

  • Features


    A big part of what makes the 400R so great is the suite of technologies that support the Verado platform. SmartCraft integrated marine technology is the brains behind the operation and the backbone for leading technologies like Digital Throttle & Shift and Joystick Piloting for Outboards. SmartCraft links the engine, controls, steering, and displays to provide data to keep the user informed of engine diagnostics and performance.

  • Features


    Digital Throttle and Shift is a fully electronic throttle and shift system that offers smooth and predictable shifting and instant throttle response, similar to a modern sports car. DTS reduces the loud “clunk” associated with mechanical shifting for a high quality experience. Mercury Racing Zero Effort controls with Shadow Mode offer the ability to throttle and shift up to four engines with just two throttle and two shift levers for easier control at higher speeds

  • Features

    Joystick Piloting for Outboards

    Running full throttle in the open water is what the 400R was designed to do, but docking a large boat in wind and current can sometimes be a challenge. Joystick Piloting for Outboards takes away the anxiety by combining throttle, shift and steering into one easy to use joystick which is designed for maximum maneuverability at lower speeds. The 400R gives you maximum performance at high and low speeds with Joystick Piloting for Outboards.

Make a Statement

Seven different colors are available for the graphics package on the Cold Fusion White 400R and are designed to reflect your personal style or match the color palette of the boat. Either way, heads will turn, even if you won’t be in view for long. Phantom Black available only with Red / Carbon graphics package.

Engine Color: White
Graphics: Red

Compatible with


  • HP / kW400/298
  • Full Throttle RPM6400-7000
  • Engine TypeInline 6-cylinder
  • Displacement2.6L
  • Air Induction SystemSupercharged with Cold Air Intake and charge air cooling and electronic boost pressure control
  • Fuel SystemSequential Multi-Port Electronic Fuel Injectin (EFI)
  • Fuel RequirementsRecommended Unleaded 91 Octane
    Minimum Unleaded 89 Octane
  • StartingElectric (Turn-key) with SmartStart
  • Exhaust SystemThrough Prop
  • Recommended OilMercury Racing 25W-50
    NMMA Certified FCW 25W-50 Synthetic Blend
  • Oil Capacity8.0 Liters
  • Engine Management SystemSmartCraft Engine Guardian
  • Minimum Centerline
    Mounting Distance
    26 inches
  • Steering SystemElectro-hydraulic power steering
    Joystick Piloting for Outboards
  • Gearcase5.44" Offshore HD
    Sport Master in straight, left and right camber
  • Gear Ratio1.75:1
  • CARB Star RatingCARB 2-Star
  • Alternator/AMP70 AMP / 882 Watt (Belt-Drive)
  • Counter RotationAvailable in both gearcases
  • Dry Weight*668 lbs (303 kg)
  • Shaft Length20" / 508mm
    25" / 635mm
    30" / 762mm
  • ColorsPhantom Black
    Cold Fusion White
  • Warranty3-Year Limited for recreational boating
    3-Year Limited Corrosion warranty.
  • New cylinder head design for enhanced durability and increased performance.
  • Custom exhaust valves: Race derived to for enhanced performance and durability.
  • Camshaft: Custom lobe profile (intake & exhaust) and Mercury Racing derived cam timing for enhanced power and torque.
  • All-New Water-cooled Supercharger: Custom rotor profile for enhanced supercharger efficiency.
  • Pistons: Mercury Racing derived piston profile and custom piston ring pack for enhanced durability and performance
  • Stainless Steel Guide Plates: Stainless steel midsection guide plates with fiber wear pads enhance engine stability at higher speeds and in rough seas.
  • High Performance Engine Mounts: Designed in conjunction with Mercury’s exclusive Advanced MidSection for minimal Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) at idle.
  • All-New Design: All new hydrodynamic shape and size. 1.75:1 gear ratio on both Sport Master Gearcase and 5.44″ HD Offshore Gearcase.
  • Heavy-duty propeller shaft: Large diameter (1-1/4″) shaft for enhanced durability. 25% larger than conventional shafts.
  • Power Steering & DTS: Electro-hydraulic power steering and SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift provide for an exceptionally smooth and responsive driving experience combined with sports car-like handling and performance.
  • Suitable For: High Performance Offshore Center Consoles, Performance Catamarans, High Performance Pontoons/Deck Boats, and Performance Fishing boats.
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