MAX5: Fast. Quick. Efficient.

Quad 400Rs with MAX5 props power the Nor-Tech 390 center console to 101 mph!

Our MAX5 is providing top performance in both domestic and international outboard applications.

The Lab Finished MAX5 propeller.

Nor-Tech Boats came to us for help in establishing a speed record for production outboard center consoles. Quad 400Rs, spinning 31-inch pitch MAX5 props powered their 390 center console to an astounding speed of 101 mph!

Raymond Roberts (L) and Nor-Tech founder Trond Schou. Raymond owners Double R Performance, a Nor-Tech dealership.

“The boat performed outstanding at both top-end speed & cruising,” said Nor-Tech founder Trond Schou. “The fuel consumption was an impressive 1.5 mpg while cruising at 50 mph! We highly recommend this propeller for high-performance boating.”

Invincible Performance 

Kirk Beattie of Preferred Marine recently took delivery of his triple 400R powered 36-foot Invincible center console. Kirk was truly amazed with the MAX5s’ performance.

“The boat not only stays hooked up, the more we trim her, the more bite they provide, said  Beattie. “It is a slingshot out of the hole: 0-55 mph in 11.2 seconds with a top speed of 81 mph. They are efficient too; delivering 1.2 mpg at a cruise speed of 50 mph.”

“The beauty of the props is that my fuel efficiency at cruise is not compromised with a heavy load. When I load her up with 475 gallons of fuel, five guys, full coolers and the tackle we still manage to get 1.1 mpg at 50 mph! The MAX5 props are serious!”

Toffen’s MAX5 Experience

Toffen’s 25-foot Phantom with the Mercury Racing 350 SCi.

Toffen Gunnufsen from Norway is a huge Mercury Racing enthusiast. He has updated the power on his 1984 Phantom 25 hull multiple times.  Phantom was essentially an offshore race hull made from 1970 through the early ’90s.

Toffen’s most recent repower entailed replacing a Mercury Racing 350 SCi with our popular 400R outboard. The boat ran 86 mph with a 25-inch pitch Rev 4; a 4 mph increase in speed using the same prop. He gained an additional 3 mph when he updated the 400R with a 25-inch pitch MAX5.

World Champion Propulsion

Mercury Racing 300XS outboards and MAX5 props power Francis Notschaele and Alain Coppens to the 2018 UIM Endurance Class S1 World & European Championship.

Francis Notschaele and Alain Coppens piloted their 300XS-powered Skipper BSK hull to win the 2018 UIM Endurance Class S1 World and European Championship. The reigning Class S1 champs switched from Bravo I props to MAX5s to capture their second consecutive championship.

We are excited to see the MAX5 shine in multiple applications – both here and abroad.

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