Liberated 300R

Liberator Boats of Florida sales have soared with the release of our naturally aspirated, 4.6L V-8 300R FourStroke outboard.

Our hot new 4.6L V-8 300R has a new fan. Liberator Boats of Florida owner Randy Corson received his first 300R in June. Randy has extensive experience with our legacy V-6 300XS two-stroke. He anxiously rigged his first 300R in anticipation of its performance and he was not disappointed.

There is no replacement for displacement.

The 300R, which is 44% larger in displacement compared with the  300XS,  produces 40% more bottom-end torque and provides 25% quicker acceleration.

“The  V-8 four-stroke produces so much torque that it demands a larger diameter prop,” said Randy.

“We saw  1-1/2 to 2 mph faster top-end speeds with the 300R compared to the 300XS with comparable props. The boat topped out at  106 mph; 5-6 mph faster than the 300XS when running a 15-1/4-inch diameter – 34-inch pitch Mercury Racing 5-blade CNC outboard cleaver,” Randy said.

The popular MAX5, a Mercury Racing sterndrive prop that is finding success in select outboard cat and vee applications, also ran well with low (9.7%) slip and a top-end speed of 103 mph at 6200 rpm.

Liberator Boats of Florida sales have soared with the release of the 300R.

“The engine has an awesome sound from outside of boat, yet  is uncommonly quiet inside. It’s really the best of both worlds for the modern-day outboard performance boater,” said Randy.

Randy has extensively documented his 300R experience on, a popular on-line forum for performance outboard enthusiasts. owner Gregg Terzian will be documenting the performance of his latest 300R Liberator in a video shoot later this month.

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8 thoughts on “Liberated 300R”

    1. Richard,
      What engine was replaced by the 300R?
      What prop and pitch did you use on the old engine?
      What was you top rpm and GPS speed with the old set up?
      Any other changes besides the engine?

        1. Richard,

          Great question, the 300R is going to make a lot more power than your motor but it also has a higher RPM range, up to 6400. Your 26 Bravo will be a good starting point, as it is on the smaller side of what you can expect to run. The 300R holeshot will be much better than your 250 pro XS, and you will gain at least 5 mph on top end.


  1. Scott

    I emailed you in July that i was repowering my 2007 Allison
    XB21 2+2 with a 300R. I received the engine September 11th
    I purchased the HD with sportmaster gearcase & DTS. I got it rigged
    and dealer here calibrated DTS. I took it out Saturday to run it some.
    I ran a 27P promax I had on hand. You answered my
    July email, that you thought I would probably end up around a 30P.
    I agree
    It was windy so I backed out at 6000 rpm running 81 mph.
    It got to the 6000 quick. I varied from an inch below to inch above
    pad and needed vary little trim to keep the bow up. I’m setback about 8 inches. I’m going to try a 31P. I’ll post an update on how it does.

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