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New Props for Summer!

The official start of Summer is June 21. If the volume of blog comments, voice mails and prop orders are any indication, the summer boating season has been under way for a good month already. I, like you, am ready to get some boating in and enjoy the warm summer weather.  And – just in time for the season, I’m pleased to announce the official release of two new props that expand the versatility of our popular Mercury Racing Bravo and Maximus propeller lines.

Bravo for Outboard Cats! 

The Bravo I OC is designed for outboard catmarans like this 30 foot Motion. Photo Credit: NaplesImage. Click photo to enlarge.

The Bravo I OC is designed for outboard catamarans like this 30 foot Motion. Photo Credit: NaplesImage. Click photo to enlarge.

The new Bravo I OC features a total of eight PVS vent holes for fine-tuned performance in outboard catamarans.

The new Bravo I OC features a total of eight PVS vent holes for fine-tuned performance in outboard catamarans.

Newly released this week is our all-new Bravo I OC (Outboard Catamaran) prop.  The Pro Finish Bravo I OC was designed specifically for high powered outboard catamaran hulls. The new Mercury Racing Bravo features a total of eight PVS vent holes for fine-tuned performance.

The Bravo I OC diameter is cut down to 14.75″ and features a pitch range of 28″ to 35″ (even and odd) sizes and left and right hand rotation. A shortened exhaust barrel settles the stern to minimize drag while reshaping the blade maximizes performance with the new diameter. The prop has been tested on 28-foot to 32-foot Skaters, Talon, DCB, Spectre and Doug Wright hulls. It outperformed three and four blade cleavers in both acceleration and top-end speed (medium to heavy loads).

Bravo I OC part numbers and MSRP pricing:

Pro Finish Bravo I OC – 14.75” Diameter
Pitch/DIA Right-Hand Left-Hand MSRP
28”/14.75” 48-8M0092002 48-8M0092003 $1229.50
29”/14.75” 48-8M0092004 48-8M0092005 $1229.50
30”/14.75” 48-8M0092006 48-8M0092007 $1229.50
31”/14.75” 48-8M0092008 48-8M0092009 $1229.50
32”/14.75” 48-8M0092010 48-8M0092011 $1229.50
33”/14.75” 48-8M0092012 48-8M0092013 $1229.50
34”/14.75” 48-8M0092014 48-8M0092015 $1229.50
35”/14.75” 48-8M0092016 48-8M0092017 $1229.50

Maximus ST

The all-new Maximus ST propeller features a shortened exhaust tube and Mercury's Performance Vent System (PVS).

The Maximus ST features a shortened exhaust tube and Mercury’s Performance Vent System (PVS). 15.3″ and 15.6″ diameters are available. Click image to enlarge.

Terry and Sandy Everson's Beautiful M-29 DCB.

Terry and Sandy Everson’s Beautiful M29 DCB. Photo courtesy of DCB.

Designed for sterndrives and big horsepower outboards, the Pro Finish Maximus ST (short tube) propeller is available in 24″ to 34″ (even) pitch sizes in both left and right-hand rotation. It too features a cut-down diameter (15.6” to  15.3”) and a shortened exhaust tube for enhanced performance. The Maximus ST is rated for up to 600 h.p. Dave’s Custom Boats of El Cajon, California helped validate this latest generation of our high performance Maximus line. DCB’s Dave Hemmingson and Tony Charimonte liked the STs so much they asked if they could use them for the Desert Storm Poker Run Shoot Out. They installed 32″ STs on Terry and Sandy Everson’s beautiful M29. The boat is  powered by twin 565s coupled to 1.35:1 Bravo One XR Short Sport Master drives with Integrated Transom Systems (ITS). Terry and Sandy won their class in the shootout; bumping the rev limiter at 115 mph! Tony said, “the 565s pull so hard – we could have used 34″ pitch STs.” “We really like what Mercury Racing has done with the latest generation Maximus props,” Tony said. DCB is building a new M31 which will again feature the stout 565 sterndrives and Maximus ST props. We’re anxious to get the numbers on that one as well.

Maximus ST part numbers and MSRP pricing:

Maximus ST Propeller – 15.30” Diameter
Pitch/DIA Right-Hand Left-Hand MSRP
24”/15.30” 48-8M0091978 48-8M0091979 $1505.55
26”/15.30” 48-8M0091980 48-8M0091981 $1505.55
28”/15.30” 48-8M0091982 48-8M0091983 $1505.55
30”/15.30” 48-8M0091984 48-8M0091985 $1505.55
32”/15.30” 48-8M0091986 48-8M0091987 $1505.55
34”/15.30” 48-8M0091988 48-8M0091989 $1505.55
Maximus ST Propeller – 15.60” Diameter
24”/15.60” 48-8M0091990 48-8M0091991 $1430.55
26”/15.60” 48-8M0091992 48-8M0091993 $1430.55
28”/15.60” 48-8M0091994 48-8M0091995 $1430.55
30”/15.60” 48-8M0091996 48-8M0091997 $1430.55
32”/15.60” 48-8M0091998 48-8M0091999 $1430.55
34”/15.60” 48-8M0092000 48-8M0092001 $1430.55

We’re very excited to offer these two new props. I’ve received a number inquires regarding both. Outboard cat owners are excited to bring new life to their performance hulls powered by our classic 2.5 EFIs or the epic OptiMax 300XS. The Maximus is waking up both four stroke outboards and sterndrives on a variety of applications. I look forward to hearing from you regarding these or any of our Mercury Racing props. Be safe and have a great summer!


Boyne Thunder

Photos: Naplesimage

Boyne Thunder is on par with Desert Storm when it comes to street parties.

Boyne Thunder is on par with Desert Storm when it comes to street parties.

The 140 mile run across the waters of Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan includes stops in North Port,...

The 140 mile run across the waters of Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan includes card stops in Northport, Elk Rapids, Harbor Springs, Bay Harbor and a lunch stop in Charlevoix.

National Sales Manager Kevin Skiba and I are traveling to Michigan later this week to attend the 10th Annual Boyne Thunder Poker Run. Tad Whitten will meet us there with the Marketing display truck.

Having grown up in Sault Ste. Marie, a few hours North of Boyne City, I have fond memories of our family ski trips to Boyne Mountain. I’m looking forward to heading back to my old stomping grounds to witness this popular run. I spoke to event promoter Mike Knoblock recently. He said the event has a maximum capacity for 85 boats, and they’ve reached that limit. He is ecstatic with the growth they have experienced over the past nine years.

Mercury Racing will be the thrust behind the majority of 85 boats registered for Boyne Thunder - 2013.

Mercury Racing will be the thrust behind the majority of 85 boats registered for Boyne Thunder – 2013.

The docks at the Boyne City Marina will again be jammed with go fast performance boats.

The docks at the Boyne City Marina will again be jammed with go fast performance boats.

Event organizer and Main Street director Hugh Conklin said, “What has made Boyne Thunder special is its relationship with Camp Quality, a nonprofit organization that provides special experiences and support for children with cancer. Since it began, Boyne Thunder has raised more than $220,000 for Camp Quality, and it has become an important part of the camp’s success.”

A new Boyne Thunder partner this year is Challenge Mountain, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching and improving lives for the mentally and physically challenged through outdoor recreation. All donated dollars to Challenge Mountain go directly to support winter and summer programs including skiing, biking, canoeing, kayaking and sailing. Mercury Racing is honored to be associated with events such as this, whose main goal is to give back to the community and enrich the lives of those in need.

Twin Mercury Racing 1100s make this beauty skate!

Twin Mercury Racing 1100s make this beauty skate!

Michigan based Sunsation will be well represented at Boyne Thunder.

Michigan based Sunsation will be well represented at Boyne Thunder.

Boyne Thunder kicks off Friday evening with a street party. The poker runs starts 9:30 a.m. Saturday. The 140 mile run over the waters of Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan includes card stops in Northport, Elk Rapids, Harbor Springs, Bay Harbor, and a lunch stop in downtown Charlevoix.

Quite a few of our industry friends are attending. Jay Nichols, who provided the wonderful 2012 Boyne Thunder pics featured here, is coming after much pleading and prodding from me and buddy Ron Szolack. Matt Trulio will be on hand to provide Speed on the Water readers his first had account of event highlights. Nor-Tech sales rep Terry Sobo will be making a return trip as will Michigan natives Wayne and Joe Schaldenbrand. They are bringing a fleet of Sunsation boats. Michigan is also home to Douglas Marine. There will be plenty of Skaters to wow spectators, I’m sure. We hope to catch up with Peter Hledin while we’re there.

We look forward to seeing old friends and making new friends in our neighboring state.




2013 Mercury Racing Wall Calendars!

Another year is quickly approaching the finish line. It’s hard to believe two years have passed since we launched this blog and our Facebook,Twitter pages and YouTube channel. Thank you for your participation, “friend”ship, tweetness, videos and feedback.

Watermarks: The Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show marks the start of 2013 boat show season in the USA. The Performance Dock will be stocked with a variety of go-fast gems.  Cigarette Racing will again be the epicenter, with Nor-Tech, Formula and Statement Marine among the performance builders featuring their latest wares. Douglas Marine is displaying in Ft. Lauderdale for the first time. They will be showing their beautiful 412 catamaran with twin 1100s. The show will also feature the return of Baja with their debut of the all-new 30 Outlaw GT. Stu Jones and the Florida Powerboat Club (FPC) will ensure all are entertained and catered to Friday eventing in their annual Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show Bash.

Speaking of FPC, We are busing preparing for the 20th Annual Key West Poker Run. We are again title sponsor and look forward to being on-site at the Poker Run Village with our mobile marketing truck and crew. Mercury Racing sportswear will be available for folks wanting to get a jump start on their Christmas shopping for both naughty… and nice :).  Mercury Racing engines will again be the power to beat at the Key West Offshore World Championships,  happening at the same time as the poker run. And, before you know it, the Miami International Boat Show will be upon us; seems we always have something exciting there! Read the rest of this entry »

Islamorada Poker Run Fun!


Verados almost everywhere!

Florida Powerboat Club’s (FPC) Miami to Islamorada poker run follows the world’s best boat show. It’s unusually interesting because of that timing: Many of the Miami Show boats make their first outings with Stu Jones’ club. I counted eight show boats on Thursday’s wave.

OK, poker runs are about the fun, relationships and a common interest in performance boating. But my focus is mostly on our customers and their hardware (my job!)…

This year, I hitched a ride on Thursday with Derek Wachob, his family and friends. Their new 42 Cigarette Huntress is powered with five of the Mercury Racing designed 350SCi Verados! What a ride! And the sound system: young Madison sure can “shake that groove thing”! (So can Abby – and probably anyone else within about two miles.) Derek reloaded and made the trek again on Friday in his sinister black ZR 48 MTI.

Read the rest of this entry »


Our Colors Are Your Colors!

Mercury Racing’s color options provide unique combinations for your boat’s theme. Seeing what others have chosen for color options or customization can be inspiration for your Mercury Racing engine application. You can go mild; you can go wild. It’s your canvas! It’s your taste.

Your choices from our palate include:

Standard QC4v (1350 & 1100) colors — Super Silver metallic over Raven Black non-metallic

Standard big block (700SCi – 525EFi) colors — Racing Blue metallic over Raven Black non-metallic

Cigarette AMG with standard 1350 colors: Super Silver over Bling-Bling Black. The finished boat was tasteful and rich looking.


Raven Black non-metallic


Bling Bling Black metallic

DCB added a splash of custom orange to our carbon covers. The engines are custom colored in Raven Black inlet and exhaust over a Raven Black block.


Dandy Candy Red metallic

This Skater customer chose Dandy Candy Red over a Super Silver block.


Mercury Racing Blue metallic

Nor-Tech’s customer chose Mercury Racing Blue metallic for his blocks. Engine room LEDs in blue really finished off the effect!

Being assembled is Racing Blue over Raven Black I’m betting this DCB has some blue going on.


Super Silver metallic

Nordic chose a conservative double Super Silver to power its new 43 Enforcer.


Devil Red Eye non-metallic

Devil Red Eye 1350s installed in a Skater which was displayed in Key West’s Poker Run Village in November.

Skater Nation chose double Devil Red Eye non-metallic.


Fire Orange Pearl metallic

An owner’s Fire Orange Pearl on his 850SCi engines — returned to Racing for refresh.


Slate Grey metallic

Slate 700SCi engines look classy with this orange and grey theme.


Hulkin’ Green Pearl metallic

This is a research engine going together in Super Silver over a Hulkin’ Green block.


Beefy M8s in Nanna Pearl! I can hardly wait to see this boat!

Nanna Yellow Pearl metallic. (We have Nanna engines in the pipeline, but not built yet. So, there are the M8 upper housings.)


Joyze Poypole metallic. A pair went out the door and nobody snapped a photo! UPDATE: I found this EU662 in Shipping on Jan 17, 2012, before heading to Europe!

And the winner is…

Nanna and “we don’t do white” research engine.

Here’s an EU662 in “Joyze Poypole” metalic.



For John Woodruff, MTI painted boat colors over his 1350 top and front covers for a truly custom touch to our standard colors.



Mike and Dave put the finishing dress on this outrageous 1100. This power is wearing Hulkin’ Green and Fire Orange! Yeow!


Who Knows What Evil Lurks…?

Skater logo adorns a 1350 front cover: a gift for Pete's nice purchase.

Skater soon will. This monster 1350 – lurking in the darkened, after-hours hallway of Racing’s dyno lab – is one of the second “official” pair going Pete’s way this week.

Evil 1350 lurking outside a dyno cell at Mercury Racing: Silver and Dandy Candy 1350 with dyno blessing!

Peter Hleden’s technicians have successfully completed Mercury Racing training and are now T.E.A.M. (Total Engine Application Management) accredited to install 1100 and 1350 packages at the Skater factory in Douglas, Michigan. Two prior Skaters have been rigged at a T.E.A.M. accredited dealer for two of Pete’s enthusiastic customers.

Menacing in carbon and Devil Red, this 1350 and its evil twin are in route to Douglas, MI.

A pair of “Devil Red” and carbon fiber 1350 rockets left Racing for Douglas earlier this week. Next and just off the dyno is this interesting first-time color combination of “Super Silver” and “Dandy Candy Red” 1350’s. This somewhat unusual color pairing will complement a spectacular Skater catamaran paint scheme. I can’t wait to see it – and the look on the new owner’s face when he feels the incredible torque!