Application Dependent: Which Racing V-8 is Right for You?

I thought it would be helpful to share with you  details regarding the two midsection and three gearcase options available for our new  V-8 Four-Stroke outboards.

The Tri-ram midsection features triple trim rams and a trim pump integrated within the die-cast clamp bracket assembly.

The Tri-ram midsection is featured on the 250R and selected 300R models.  Triple power trim rams along with the power trim pump are integrated within the die-cast clamp bracket assembly. A stiffer, high-durometer elastomer upper mount and solid lower mounts are used for enhanced handling at higher speeds. The 250R comes with the Sport Master gearcase. Sport Master and Torque Master gearcases are both options for selected 300R Tri-ram models. The Tri-ram midsection is designed for use on lighter weight hulls on protected waters.

The Heavy duty midsection with ultra robust, forged clamp brackets and a large, single ram trim cylinder.

Heavy duty midsection 300Rs come with solid mounts and robust, forged transom brackets with single ram power trim and a remote trim pump designed to endure the harsh offshore environment. These models are available with the Sport Master and 5.44″ HD gearcases.

Rear tie-bar 300R models feature the heavy duty midsection with a factory installed tie-bar mounting plate.

Rear tie-bar models feature a factory installed tie-bar mount plate. The tie-bar, not included but available from after market suppliers,  provides enhanced engine stability for high speed catamarans and vee bottoms.


The Sport Master gearcase features a crescent leading edge and low water pickups.

Gearcase Options 

The surface piercing Sport Master, designed for boats capable of speeds in excess of 85 mph, features low-water pick-ups and a crescent leading-edge for maximized efficiency and speed.

The Torque Master gearcase features dual water pickups.

The Torque Master, designed to run partially surfaced, carries the load of heavier tournament bass boats and multi-species hulls while maximizing top speed and drivability.

The 5.44″ HD gearcase, featuring dual water pickups, is designed for applications which require a more submerged gearcase.

The 5.44” HD is designed for use on bay boats and multi engine performance center consoles where the application requires a more submerged gearcase.






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14 thoughts on “Application Dependent: Which Racing V-8 is Right for You?”

  1. I have a new 300XS on my Allison but as much as I love it, there may be a new 300 four stroke in my future..

    1. The 300XS is a great engine, James. But your right, the new V-8 300R is going to be a game changer. We can’t wait to get them out for all to enjoy.

  2. building a new 34Z Seavee with triple engines. What kind of differences would i see using the 300R over the 300 Verado 4-stroke V8 ? Are their any negatives or positives of 1 over the other

    1. Hi Michael. Both are great engines. it depends on how you intend to use the boat and with whom. The 4.6L V-8 Verado 300 features Mercury’s Advanced Mid Section which isolates the powerhead from the midsection via a “cradle”. This provides the superior NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) characteristics for the whisper quiet and smooth operating performance Verado is known for. Both engines share the same 4.6L V-8 block. The 300R powerhead features custom Racing intake cam profiles and a shorter intake runner. Those two items – combined with a Racing exclusive fuel calibration that enables the engine to turn up to 6400 RPM, 200 higher rpm than the 300 Verado results in a measurable performance advantage. The 300 Verado comes with the 5.44″ HD gearcase. The 300R is available with more conventional midsections where the powerhead is more directly mounted to the midsecton. We offer two midsections; a standard Tri-Ram mid with three trim rams and pump mounted within the clamp bracket assembly. the heavy-duty midsection, more suited for your application, features more robust, forged clamp brackets and a large trim ram with remote mounted trim pump. The 300R HD is available with the 5.44″ Sport Master or 5.44″ HD gearcases. NVH will be noticeably higher with the 300R HD as both the upper mount and lower mounts are solid for enhanced performance at higher speeds. You would need to test to see if the surface piercing Sport Masters would work on your hull. In the right application – have the Sport Masters would be another performance advantage.

        1. Hi Michael. Yes. It will be similar. The 300R still may have an advantage on the bottom end torque due to the custom intake cam profiles, shorter intake runners and custom fuel calibration.

      1. To narrow it down a bit, a 300R on a 340Z will deliver higher top speed, but you will notice a bit more felt vibration in the boat. A Verado, as Rick states, will transmit less vibration to the boat, but will not be as fast of a package. If you do opt for the 300R, you will want the models with the 5.4″ HD gearcase, especially if you, like most Sea Vee owners, are an avid angler who will brave rougher conditions in pursuit of your passion.

  3. Thank you Steve, Rick I look forward to the new motor package, been solid with Mercury for over 11 years, Mercury rocks !!

    1. Hello Armando,
      The 300R will outperform both the 300 ProXS and 300XS due to the Racing fuel calibration which enables it to turn an addition 200 RPM (5800-6400). The custom intake cam profile and shortened intake runners enhance acceleration and overall power as well. In fact, the 300R has 44% more displacement than the 300XS and produces 40% more bottom end torque.

  4. Question: I am building a Pantera 24′ speed boat. Plan on mounting a Armstrong Bracket to support a single engine. Looking hard at the 400R.

    Someone help with the gearcase and prop for that boat? Plan to run it off the coast of Jupiter, Fl….open ocean.

    1. Andrew,

      Sounds like a fun project! There are a few things to consider here. Did you have an engine in the boat previously? If so what were the performance numbers? Are you going to be putting a jack plate on your Armstrong bracket? That will help.
      Panteras are a heavier boat so I believe you be in the 75 mph range, meaning you can run an HD gearcase. As for props, there are a few that could work nicely. Our Bravo FS offers great bow lift and would be a good propeller to start out with. Then we have the Rev 4 XP, which offers more sternlift than the Bravo and can also be ordered in a Lab Finish, and finally there is the MAX5 for superior performance and top end speed. It really depends on budget and what your goals are.


  5. Im building a 30 ft Twin engine sportcat ( predator ) and was planning to put on 2 400 r s but now the 300 V8 is available and probably the future i consider to go that way .

    One thing i cant Find out is if the 300 r use the same intergrated elektro hydraulic steering in the HD midsection as the 400 ?

    Thank You


    1. Hi Armand. No the 400R comes with the Advanced Midsection. The 300R comes with tri-ram or heavy duty conventional mid sections.

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